Palin’s a Socialist But You Don’t Want To Hear The Truth


Palin is a Democrat in Republican’s clothing!!!! A female Benedict Arnold. She raised corporate taxes!!!! That’s mighty Republican of her! She redistributed the wealth from rich people to poor people!!!! That’s mighty Republican of her!

Sarah Palin emails: Palin stood with Democrats over oil profits tax, pressed GOP

Sarah Palin was presiding over a legislature in open warfare in 2007 over what would become her singular lawmaking legacy—a substantial boost in the petroleum profits tax that would force oil companies to share billions of dollars more of their profits with the state.

Palin had initially proposed a modest hike, coupled with a crucial new “progressivity” component that jacked up the rate when oil prices rose above normal market levels. But her Democratic allies in the Legislature saw the chance to do more and raised it to 25%, with Palin’s enthusiastic support.

The Case for Legalizing Capitalism

Voting wealth out of the pockets of those who have it is socialism, because it is for done the “common good,” for the benefit of helping that part of society which earns less.

Thanks, WEL2, I couldn’t have done it without you!

The Theory of Socialism and Capitalism

Chapter 4

Socialism Social-democratic Style

What are the central features of socialism social-democratic-style? There are basically two characteristics. First, in positive contradistinction to the traditional Marxist-style socialism, social-democratic socialism does not outlaw private ownership in the means of production and it even accepts the idea of all means of production being privately owned—with the exception only of education, traffic and communication, central banking, and the police and courts. In principle, everyone has the right to privately appropriate and own means of production, to sell, buy, or newly produce them, to give them away as a present, or to rent them out to someone else under a contractual arrangement. But secondly, no owner of means of production rightfully owns all of the income that can be derived from the usage of his means of production and no owner is left to decide how much of the total income from production to allocate to consumption and investment. Instead, part of the income from production rightfully belongs to society, has to be handed over to it, and is then, according to ideas of egalitarianism or distributive justice, redistributed to its individual members. Furthermore, though the respective income-shares that go to the producer and to society might be fixed at any given point in time, the share that rightfully belongs to the producer is in principle flexible and the determination of its size, as well as that of society’s share, is not up to the producer, but rightfully belongs to society.

Seen from the point of view of the natural theory of property—the theory underlying capitalism—the adoption of these rules implies that the rights of the natural owner have been aggressively invaded.

What Palin Really Did To the Oil Industry

Oil companies in Alaska are paying more money in taxes than ever before. The state’s oil and gas tax revenues for its just-ended fiscal 2007 topped $10 billion. That’s twice as much as fiscal 2006 and four times more than 2004.

We Believe in America: 2012 REPUBLICAN PLATFORM

American businesses now face the world’s highest corporate tax rate. It reduces their worldwide competitiveness, encourages corporations to move overseas, lessens investment, cripples job creation, lowers U.S. wages, and fosters the avoidance of tax liability—without actually increasing tax revenues. To level the international playing field, and to spur job creation here at home, we call for a reduction of the corporate rate to keep U.S. corporations competitive internationally

I guess Republicans, like Democrats, will lie to their no info voters.

Alaska lawmakers slash oil taxes, hope to spur output

By the real Republicans. I guess it didn’t work out in the long run! LOL!

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