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written 12-27-08
i’m listening to albert king’s “everybody’s want’s to go to heaven”. it’s so good. be back in a second. what do you want to know about me?

my favorite color is purple. i’m not gay.
my astrologicial sign is virgo. i’d gotten laid.
i’m poor.
i’m doing better than 95% of the people on this planet.
Which relaxes me in some weird way.(that i’m not subjected to that weird keep-up-with-the-jone’s attitude)
my favorite music is the blues. listening to Elmore James “something inside of me”. if you don’t like this music, you don’t deserve to live in the land of the free.
i’m a biker. goddamn right.
i’m a disabled rider, goddammit it.
i bought my house before this houseing bubble happened
i cry when i watch “extreme makeover house whatever”. and i’m enough of i an man to admit it. Dead on! listning to james brown “the payback”.
not what you would think from a boy form georgia,USA(not from yankee press corp.)
i”m a libertarian when i realized that they were the only party that had from freedom insured.
listening to rufus thomas “walking the dog”
listening to howlin’ wolf “evil”
more later….

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  1. You seem cool coz you like purple. Kudos!

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