Jan 122010

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  12 Responses to “Police use DRONES to spy on AMERICANS!!”

  1. well DOC here’s your chance to test your urban camouflage……

  2. forgot sumpin’….

    new motto for police forces ever’where…..


  3. just in case you want to do sumpin’ good for the community besides gettin’ tazered thought you may like to peruse this site….



  4. Doc,

    I have been trying to point out that all of this is a logical consequence of blurring the lines between criminal activity and warfare. When you take Muslim terrorists who have declared war on us and equate them to US Citizens acting as criminals with all of the rights thereof, US Citizens become targeted like enemy combatants.

    Law enforcement is being morphed into a standing army within our boarders with the power to hunt anyone of us down, throwing our rights away, like we are nothing more than animals. Law enforcement is being armed with the latest in battlefield armaments because liberalism has made criminal activity and warfare the same.

  5. OTR,
    but i think it came about due to the Reagan’s “War on Drugs” campaign. Or should I say “War on (People Who Use)Drugs. This happened long before the recent batch of Muslim terrorist activities.

    I do agree that you’re right though, but you got the chicken coming first, instead of the egg. :O)

  6. I think that the business of controlling substances can be traced back to Prohibition, 18th Amendment. That was a major Progressive Movement agenda item. Since then, both sides of the aisle have seized on that as a mechanism for controlling the population. I look back on what Reagan did and it is disheartening; however, he is not alone. A person should not be criminalized for taking a drink, taking a drag, or puffing as long as it stays a personal thing.

  7. TIME OUT!!!!! ……..

    HOLD THE DAMN PHONE!!!!…….war on drugs was started by……..RICHARD MILLHOUSE NIXON…….

    I said started….so anybuddy that followed was doin’ just that…….following…….

    okay you guys continue……

  8. TSHIRT……more stuff you luv to hate….

    chicago cop tased jr high school retards……don’tcha just luv it……..

  9. got it off drudge….and I guess the cop is……wait for it……….


    one mother said her kid is now afraid of cops……the on’y good thing to come out of that……..

  10. well would you feel better if you replied……however?????

    who the hell is howerd ever????

    neber mind….

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