May 242012

The concept of “drinking the Kool-Aid” came from an event in 1978 where over 900 people died in a place called Jonestown in Guyana. Most of them supposedly died from drinking cyanide laced Kool-Aid. While questions have been raised as to the voracity of these reports, the term drinking the Kool-Aid has become synonymous with people who trust the sources of their information without question. I will stretch this out a bit and make the claim that Kool-Aid drinkers are those who trust anyone or any institution without question and do as they are told because of that trust.

Drinking the Kool-Aid kills. It zombifies the human being and removes its ability to blossom into an independent, thoughtful, free living organism able to determine its own fate. It removes free will. It turns a person into a robotic entity that will follow the will of its master right up to the point where its master causes its self destruction. So, who are the Kool-Aid drinkers today? Who are the next in line to have their strings pulled right up to the point where they self destruct?

I have been accused of drinking the Kool-Aid. I have had my sanity questioned due to my unwavering support of Ron Paul and his philosophy of freedom. I have been derided by people on the right for my pro peace and anti police/security/surveillance state stances. I have been questioned by the left for my anti theft, I mean slavery, I mean taxes, and my anti Obamacare stances. They think I’m the Kool-Aid drinker because I don’t agree with some portion of their ideology. They think I’m simplistic because of my “freedom is the answer, what’s the question?” attitude. Yet my ideology incorporates the best of the right and the left. Theirs simply decides who to blame and where to point the guns of government. As the power is shifted from one side to another, we get the worst of both sides which is why we’re in the mess we’re in.

So, if my political views are shallow and simplistic, what are theirs? I say freedom works, let the many decide for themselves. Let anyone with an idea bring that idea to market and let those who consume vote with their dollars as to which is the best solution. Let competition determine the most efficient and cost effective solutions. What are their views? Let government do it? Force people to behave in a certain way or they will be fined or jailed? Apply a one size fits all solution to everybody, everywhere? Create government approved monopolies that stifle competition? Tell everyone what they can and cannot consume and threaten those who want to find and use their own medications or food sources with prison? These are not shallow and simplistic views?

Do you trust those in government? That´s worked out real well, hasn´t it? Why do you continue to have such faith in an institution that has so utterly failed for so long? Why do you continue to believe politicians when the standard joke is you know a politician is lying when his lips are moving? There are not too many politicians out there who are also ventriloquists. Why do you continue to trust that their solutions are going to work? Why do you continue to even believe that they will do as they promise? Create your own damn solution. Support someone else who has created a solution. Stop blindly obeying people just because they´re wearing a uniform or believe they´re “official.” Haven´t you had enough of the Kool-Aid yet? Are you going to continue to drink it until your body is so full of poison you can´t stand on your own anymore and you´re completely dependent on someone else for your basic needs? If so, maybe you deserve what you get.

I am also a known “conspiracy theorist,” which simply means I question the validity of what I´m told by establishment media sources. It means I am skeptical of what I hear from “mainstream media” sources. It means I don´t drink the Kool-Aid they offer to the masses. I no longer trust them. Do you? They are no longer a free and independent media. They are bought and paid for by corporate interests, the same corporate interests that bought off the government long ago. They are the whores of the elite rulers who hide behind the curtains of reality they create with their media puppets.

Do you really feel that so called mainstream media news sources gives you truthful information? I mean really accurate, truthful, unbiased information, all the information, objective information, no spin, no misinformation, no disinformation? What will it take before you realize you’re being lied to? Will it finally hit home when TSA agents are in the malls feeling your wife up and the establishment news reports on this like it’s normal and fun? How about when some libertarian neighbors of yours just disappear and there’s not a word mentioned about it anywhere? Or maybe when cops with automatic weapons are on every street corner in our cities and the lead story is about some starlet’s drug problem? Have you already drank so much of the Kool-Aid that your brain is addled and you can’t see where all these media supported laws are heading?

If you’re reading this, chances are you know better, that you don’t drink the Kool-Aid, or a friend who cares for you has referred you to this article because they want you to stop drinking the Kool-Aid. If you do trust the corporate media to give you truthful information, I got news for you. You’re being lied to. Oh, there may be stories that they’ll report in a truthful manner, local stories and stories that have nothing to do with their agenda, but any story that really matters, that has an important impact on the world and possibly corporate interests, there’s going to be something amiss with the information they disseminate.

It took me a long time to figure this out. I grew up with a TV glowing brightly in my living room every night. In fact, there was a smaller one glowing in our kitchen too as we sat and ate supper. Being counted amongst the youngest, I didn’t have much say in what we watched. I did, however, pretty much believe that what was said on the news was truth. I was just a kid, after all, and my teachers at school told me we had the freest, most honest press in the world and every other country’s news media was a tool of the state to keep the people of that country misinformed.

I guess that’s where we really learn to drink the Kool-Aid, isn’t it? I guess we really learn to trust authority figures while we’re all still very young and more or less helpless. That’s when we learn our country is the greatest, that we are free people, that we have the best, most honest, most trustworthy government institutions ever created in the entire history of mankind. Of course we believe what we are told. The teachers are saying so, and we have the best school system anywhere in the whole universe. Besides, at that tender age it is most important that we feel special. Being told he is part of the best system ever makes one feel special. It never occurred to me that Russian or Chinese school children may have been taught the same thing at the time.

It’s really something that the whole drinking Kool-Aid meme came from the Jonestown event. There was much disinformation that was reported. I discovered after the event that it was quite mischaracterized by the media. About 200 children died during that event. Many of the people that were said to have drunk the Kool-Aid were actually found with bullets in their heads. These people weren’t all the mindless zombies brainwashed by Jim Jones as the media would have you believe, they were scared men and women who wanted to get themselves and their children out of that situation but were too frightened and too entangled to do so. This event was one of the events that made me realize just how much Kool-Aid the establishment media serves up.

Who’s drinking the Kool-Aid today? In my opinion, it’s anyone who listens to the mainstream corporate news media and trusts in them. It’s anyone who trusts in the federal government to do the right thing. It’s anyone who believes the federal government’s version of events in the world. It’s anyone who thinks that certain government factions wouldn’t contrive and carry out false flag terrorism events to get what they want. It’s anyone who thinks that the privately owned central bank of this nation cares about the economy and the people it affects above its own interests. These are the people that have drank the Kool-Aid, and their denial of reality threatens at least their way of life, if not their very existence. These are the people that are likely to suffer the most and be taken most by surprise when the hammer finally falls.

Szandor Blestman — We are the Watchers

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