Oct 142010


    Caught Spying, FBI Asks Student to Return GPS Tracker
    An except:

    The story took a particularly odd twist on Tuesday when FBI agents showed up at Afifi’s Santa Clara apartment complex (in dramatic fashion, jumping out of SUVs as the student tried to leave the parking lot). Agents demanded that Afifi return the tracking device which they described as an "expensive piece" of "federal property." Wired has many details of the incident, as told by Afifi, and the agents don’t come off sounding like a friendly bunch.


    Health care Libertarian style
    An except:

    But if government regulated fast food like it does health care, it would be a very different story. We would first be forbidden from crossing the street to buy our lunch. We would be forced to take the one on our side of the street. Next we would be unable to choose among the various menu items and would be compelled to take the standard meal. Government mandates would require us to purchase the fries and drinks even if we didn’t intend to eat them. Prices would skyrocket due to few alternatives and coerced food purchases. This is the way health care is handled now, and this is why there is no free market in health care.


    Wikileak’d Video Shows Eager-to-kill Troops Firing
    An except:

    “I have no respect for our military if they don’t all come out and speak against this footage, but you know that they won’t, they’ll be in here defending it. It’s cute, these people aren’t human to them. All the footage I’ve seen of Marines running over some taxi drivers car because they caught him getting firewood out of a field, and laughing and shooting it up first – bunch of gang members. That’s what you get when you loot. Or contractors shooting families in their cars and watching them fall out dead and laughing at dead kids. Or the Marines taking the puppy squealing it and killing it, and people defended it saying it wasn’t a real puppy, and then when it came out that it was they said ‘Big deal’. Over 80% of the new cops hired by these departments are former military. And they're all coming home to be cops and run you're life. And pull you and your wife and your kids over. They’re totally mentally ill scum. And the ones who aren’t scum, have all been profiled. And that’s the Homeland security reports, they’re all targeting gun owning veterans. So if your a veteran who didn’t engage in the mass murder and killings, or your not a gang banger, you’re not pro-New World Order, you’re the enemy.”


    Abolish Drunk Driving Laws
    An except:

    Once the 0.08 standard took effect nationwide in 2000, a curious thing happened: Alcohol-related traffic fatalities increased, following a 20-year decline. Critics of the 0.08 standard predicted this would happen. The problem is that most people with a BAC between 0.08 and 0.10 don’t drive erratically enough to be noticed by police officers in patrol cars. So police began setting up roadblocks to catch them. But every cop manning a roadblock aimed at catching motorists violating the new law is a cop not on the highways looking for more seriously impaired motorists. By 2004 alcohol-related fatalities went down again, but only because the decrease in states that don’t use roadblocks compensated for a slight but continuing increase in the states that use them.


    Realignments to Remember
    An except:

    But just four years earlier, the Democrats nearly wiped the slate clean of Republicans. When the dust settled in the November 1890 mid-terms, Democrats had won an astonishing 235 seats in the House, leaving the Republicans with just 88. What was the number one issue of that campaign? Spending—reckless, feckless spending.


    Evicted family breaks locks, reclaims home
    An except:

    “This is only the beginning of this,” said the Earl’s attorney, Michael Pines. “I chose this family because we needed to get back in before the investor and the real estate broker defrauded a new family by having them move in, which would have created a bigger mess. (The Earls) have done absolutely nothing wrong.”


    Congressional Staffers Gain From Trading in Stocks
    An except:

    Mr. Miller isn’t the only Congressional staffer making such stock bets. At least 72 aides on both sides of the aisle traded shares of companies that their bosses help oversee, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of more than 3,000 disclosure forms covering trading activity by Capitol Hill staffers for 2008 and 2009.

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