Oct 072010


    White House Official Longs for the Days of Prohibition

    At the same time, he said it was ludicrous to let mere voters decide what substances should and should be legal — why, that’s for unelected political appointees like Kevin Sabet to decide.

    "How can we imagine that a dangerous, illegal drug like marijuana should be voted on by the people?" Sabet scoffed, according to The Missoulian, presumably to uproarious applause from the audience of judges who make a living sentencing drug offenders. “That’s not how we do medicine in this country.” (Context: 62 percent of Montanans voted to legalize medical marijuana in 2004. And California looks set to legalize recreational use this November.)


    Under new federal guidelines all New York City street signs will have to be made lower-case
    An excerpt:

    Federal copy editors are demanding the city change its 250,900 street signs — such as these for Perry Avenue in The Bronx — from the all-caps style used for more than a century to ones that capitalize only the first letters.

    Changing BROADWAY to Broadway will save lives, the Federal Highway Administration contends in its updated Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, citing improved readability.

    At $110 per sign, it will also cost the state $27.6 million, city officials said.



    First World War officially ends
    An excerpt:

    The initial sum agreed upon for war damages in 1919 was 226 billion Reichsmarks, a sum later reduced to 132 billion, £22 billion at the time.

    The bill would have been settled much earlier had Adolf Hitler not reneged on reparations during his reign.

    Hatred of the settlement agreed at Versailles, which crippled Germany as it tried to shape itself into a democracy following armistice, was of significant importance in propelling the Nazis to power.



    The Obama Administration still wants to be your big brother
    An excerpt:

    Americans in particular should be concerned, given the fact that the government is trying to legalize spying on its own citizens. They can already declare American citizens as terrorists simply by what they say, as well as trying American citizens as terrorists outside of civilian courts. Given the privacy implications to remove secure and private communications, the government can determine on their own whether or not you are a threat. This means any type of political dissent could potentially be quashed by labeling you a terrorist and removing you from public life?


    West-Bank: Palestinian Mosque Torched By Settlers
    An excerpt:

    According to the Haaretz, residents began fighting with the settlers at the scene until Israeli soldiers arrived in the area to break up the fight, and forced the settlers to leave. The attack, not the first one of this type, is the latest in the so-called “price tag” operations, intended to pressure the Israeli government away from making any concessions regarding settlements building in the West-Bank. Prayer carpets and about a dozen copies of the Koran were burnt in the mosque.

    A spokesman for the Israeli military said it was “taking the burning of the mosque very seriously”. However, in previous incidents of such nature, Israeli investigations of mosque attacks have failed to produce any results and any arrests.

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