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    What the Pot Legalization Campaign Really Threatens
    An excerpt:

    We are asked to believe that people drinking a daily six-pack for a quarter-century is not a lamentable sign of a health crisis, but instead a “lifestyle” triumph worthy of flag-colored celebration — and we are expected to think that legalizing a safer alternative to this “lifestyle” is dangerous. Likewise, as laws obstruct veterans from obtaining doctor-prescribed marijuana for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, we are asked to believe that shotgunning cans of lager is the real way to “support our troops.”


    Arming the Saudis
    An excerpt:

    There is also the possibility that, as with Iran following the 1979 revolution, US arms provided to the Saudis could end up in the hands of radical anti-American forces should the government be overthrown. The Saudi regime is even more repressive than Iran’s in terms of its treatment of women, gays, religious minorities and political dissidents. Indeed, seeing their countries’ wealth squandered on unnecessary weapons systems pushed on them by the US government and suffering under their despotic rulers kept in power in large part through such military support are major causes of the growing appeal of anti-American extremism among the people of the Middle East.


    No Law? No Warrant? No Problem!
    An excerpt:

    “I asked what was going on, and they said, `Your house is being searched,’” Agro related. “I said, `Do you have a search warrant?’ They said, `Yes.’ I said, `Can I see it?’ They said, `When we get ready to show it to you.’” Despite the fact that the invaders had a note from a judge supposedly authorizing them to trash Agro’s home, the raid was, as the victim pointed out, an act of “illegal search and seizure,” since the money and property that were stolen had nothing to do with a criminal act.

    The same lawless behavior was on display at another facility called Everyone’s Café, where police threw cancer patients to the ground and held them at gunpoint.

    “What took place in Oakland is nothing short of armed robbery,” protests Gersh Avery, a local medical marijuana activist. “Patients in those locations had nothing to do with the day-to-day operations, yet their medicine was forcibly taken from them.” The NET, Avery concludes, “deliberately targeted sick innocent people.”


    S. 510: 12 Reasons Why The Food Safety Bill From Hell Could Be Very Dangerous For The U.S. Economy
    An excerpt:

    In the name of “food safety”, the U.S. government would be given an iron grip over the production, transportation and sale of all food in the United States. Hordes of small food producers and organic farmers could potentially be put out of business. If this bill becomes law, the freedom to grow what you want, eat what you want and to share food from your gardens with your neighbors could be greatly curtailed.


    Video Confession: G.I. Kill Team ‘Waxed’ Civilians on a Whim
    An excerpt:

    In one of their kills, Morlock tells an investigator, he and his platoonmates gestured for an Afghan man outside of the man’s house. The team posed the execution to make it appear like the man threatened them. Staff Sergeant Calvin Gibbs, the team’s ringleader, placed the cooperative, unarmed civilian near a wall while Gibbs prepared to take cover. He sent another soldier, identified just by the last name Rodriguez — who may have been unaware of what was about to happen — to provide perimeter security. Morlock and Specialist Adam Winfield moved to an adjacent position where they had “a clean line of sight for this guy.”


    ‘They’ Are Not Taking ‘Our’ Jobs
    An excerpt:

    My neighbor two doors down flies a Confederate flag alongside his more conventional stars and stripes. He drives a pickup truck, sports a number of provocative tattoos, and is about as white as Sarah Palin or Newt Gingrich. I don’t know if he would vote for either Sarah or Newt, but he’s a pretty conservative guy. Still, he gets along reasonably well with the interracial couple who lives between us. And his son-in-law, an immigrant from El Salvador, just spent the last two weekends replacing our damaged shed with one that looks a whole lot better than anything Home Depot offers.


    GOP’s Pledge to America
    An excerpt:

    Not only does the GOP punt on the big-ticket programs like Social Security and Medicare, the document devotes an entire section to maintaining the interventionist foreign policy that is helping to bankrupt the country. The GOP doesn’t appear to understand that the American people are having an increasingly difficult time understanding why the government continues to take bricks out of our own economy in order to build nations around the globe.


    Man’s ‘nerdy’ hobby lands him in hot water after taking photos of Kentwood water tower
    An excerpt:

    “I was physically shaking with anger and fear, and let them know in no uncertain terms that I did not believe this was a legitimate exercise of authority, and I wanted them to cease harassing me and let me work,” Heil said. “I told them they had no right to demand any personal information from me, but they were so intimidating and threatening, I did give them my name and they finally went away.”

    He said the utility workers figured he must be a terrorist planning to poison the water supply.

    “I don’t think (terrorists say), 'We got the World Trade Center. What's next -- Kentwood?'" he said.

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