Aug 122010

Which means it’s Link Day!!!!


    A quote:

    The aversion that so many modern economists have to agrarianism is somewhat strange, given that the generally acknowledged founder of modern economics, Adam Smith, considered himself to be an agrarian. Book IV of The Wealth of Nations discusses “Systems of Political Œconomy,” which he divides into mercantilist and agricultural systems. In chapter IX of that book, he renders his verdict:

    [The Agricultural] system…is, perhaps, the nearest approximation to the truth that has yet been published upon the subject of political œconomy, and is upon that account well worth the consideration of every man who wishes to examine with attention the principles of that very important science.


    A quote:

    The new law, which from its title might have been assumed to relate primarily to the sale of ships from the US Navy to foreign governments, actually had a much more important purpose: to place every American president under a legal obligation to ensure that Israel maintains its military dominance over the Middle East.

    Our legislators are enacting laws for other countries benefits. What do you call that? Treason?


    A quote:

    Conservative media outlets continue to use terrorism as an agent to advocate for expansive US interventionism. Giving into the Pentagon’s PR teams, Fox News and now TIME magazine, continue to push for more interventionism. Thus, President Obama does not offer much change for Foreign Policy matters. Outside of his Cairo speech, President Obama seems to allow the Bush doctrine of open-ended war to continue. Guantanamo Prison is still open, secret renditions are increasing; US troops are not leaving Iraq despite President Obama’s campaign promises and the Afghanistan war continues to fall into a bottomless pit.


    A quote:

    Cops love finding iPhones at crime scenes because the phones carry so much priceless data about your usage habits, or as the cops call it, evidence. That email you typed months back about feeling stabby when you drink? It’s still there because there because the iPhone captures everything you type to help fuel its spellcheck abilities—even emails you thought you deleted. And that’s not all.


    A quote:

    Israeli military and politicians usually equate Iranian access to nuclear fuel
    for electrical generation with Iran’s acquisition of a nuclear weapon. A light water reactor, Bushehr won’t be capable of producing weapons-grade plutonium (unlike Israel’s heavy water reactor at Dimona).

    However, Bushehr’s becoming operational would affirm Iran’s right to develop and utilize nuclear technology, and give Iran the status and prestige of a nuclear power. Israelis claim this would pose an “existential threat” to the Jewish state.

    Once Bushehr’s nuclear fuel arrives from Russia, whatever military options against Iran that may be “on the table” that include Bushehr will have to come off. Israel and the US have only a few weeks to launch an attack on Iran before Bushehr has the means to begin generating electricity.


    A quote:

    According to 2004 Census data analyzed by the Pew Hispanic Center, the labor force participation rate for legal immigrant males in that age group is 86 percent, compared to 83 percent for native-born males. The rate is even higher—92 percent—for illegal immigrant males.

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