Apr 182014

Even The US Government Will Abandon The Dollar    Something big is going on behind the scenes. Bankers are committing suicide or being murdered.

Federal Judge rules in FAC case: US can keep secret a legal memo on drone strikes targeting US citizen    The Bill of Rights is dead, buried and forgotten.

World War O    When George W. Bush unleashed unnecessary wars of aggression on Iraq and elsewhere, many writers dubbed it “World War W“. Now, Obama is close to intentionally or unintentionally unleashing “World War O”.

Income Inequality Institute Will Pay Paul Krugman $25,000 Per Month    WTF!!!

Ukraine: Kiev Fails Again, Propaganda Aims for WWIII    Neocom propaganda.

CODE ENFORCERS RAID RUDD’S TRAILER PARK    Bullies going after the weak.

Obama has Proposed 442 Tax Hikes Since Taking Office    The 442 total proposed tax increases does not include the 20 tax increases Obama signed into law as part of Obamacare.

The Mask Slips: ‘Libertarians’ Call for Pre-Emptive War    They are not libertarians, they are neocoms!

What Is Self-Determination? Using History to Understand International Relations    The understanding of sovereignty became rooted in the idea of the nation, and the nation was specifically defined in ethno-national terms.

US Guantanamo detainee killed in Syria while leading NATO-backed death squad    The US and its axis partners are not waging a “War on Terror,” they are waging a “War of Terror.”   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Heroic armed nurse saves man from angry mob    She is definitely a hero!

Victory: Student Charged After Recording His Own Bullies Will No Longer Have Case Pursued By District Attorney    Instead of questioning the students whose voices were recorded, school administrators threatened to charge him with felony wiretapping.

Tin Foil Hats: Coming Out of the Closet    Those who believe in so-called conspiracy theories are saner than those who believe the government-peddled version of events.

Pictures Don’t Lie: Refuting #there_was_no_Palestine    Propaganda full of lies!

Medicated to Death: SSRIs and Mass Killings    Video #1 du jour.

Police block Birmingham pastor from feeding the homeless    Video #2 du jour.

Two Dogs & Dying Puppies Rescued from Backyard Hell    There’s hope for humans after all du jour.

What Happens When You Throw a Peep Out an Airlock?    I decided that I didn’t want to be stupid anymore du jour.

SEA GYPSY FREEDOM    I wanted to be self-actualized du jour.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Cop jumps into frozen Rideau River, rescues woman    Heroic cop du jour.

Former Dinwiddie officer charged with rape, incest, and sodomy    Sick cop du jour.

Nablus farmer detained after being attacked by settlers    The real terrorists du jour.

Almost Harvest — Patsy Dunn

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Apr 182014

The Peril of a Two Class Society

Since the end of WWII the US might be considered as being divided into two eras. The first from after the war untill 1979 and the second from 1979 until today. The era’s are determined by the growth of family income.

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Apr 182014

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Apr 162014

B-52s and MOPs for Israel?    What Israel wants, Israel gets.

I Was Racially Profiled in My Own Driveway    Snow Shoveling While Black.

Planned Obsolescence Disguised as Innovation, Oligopoly Disguised as a Free Market, and the Enrichment of Oligarchs    Just as Apple customers can no longer buy an iPhone 3 even if they were content with it, diabetics are nudged to keep up with the latest model.

Criminalizing People Who Live in Cars Is a New Low in the War on the Poor    People who live in cars are one step above the penury of complete homelessness.

Obama & Indoctrinating a New Generation    Obama is a sociopathic serial liar.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Washington Is Humanity’s Worst Enemy    It is a paradox that Putin is portrayed as the heavy while Washington pretends to be the champion of “freedom and democracy.”   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

NH Cop Faces Trial After Viral Video Showed Cops Slammed Man’s Head Into Wall, Maced Him & Laughed About It    Police state.

Utah cops warrantlessly search prescription drug records of 480 emergency personnel    The Bill of Rights is dead, buried and forgotten.

The Alienation of Work    Their purpose is not to organize a healthy, sustainable economy; it is to organize labor and capital in such a way that the corporation can accumulate capital in a marketplace controlled by supply and demand.

TSA ejects mute, disabled woman from flight because she couldn’t speak    Police state.

The War on Antiwar Republicans    And who attacking them? The state of Israel lobbyists.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Why Is Obamacare a Rube Goldberg Contraption?    He campaigned on the promise that he would put partisanship aside and unite the country behind sensible answers to pressing problems. Then he didn’t.

The Income Tax vs. Civil Liberties    The Fifth Amendment right to due process is ignored in other respects under the income tax.

Americans: This is how free you really are.    The emperor replied, pointing to his sword, “Be of good cheer, mother: for as long as we have this [the sword], we shall not run short of money.”

The Truth About Taxes    Video du jour.

Donkey Rescue in Israel    There’s hope for humans after all du jour.

Saturn May Have Given Birth to a Baby Moon    I decided that I didn’t want to be stupid anymore du jour.

Good work: What should you do with your life?    I wanted to be self-actualized du jour.

Burlington Officer Saves Man’s Life, Helps Woman In Labor Within 2 Shifts    Heroic cop du jour.

Windsor police officer caught at Detroit border crossing with cocaine, prosecutor says    Drug trafficking cop du jour.

Army Surrounds Ithna Town Near Hebron    The real terrorists du jour.

Whistler, B.C. — Alfredo Machado

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Apr 162014

In whatever direction we turn, we find the heavy hand of government intruding into virtually every aspect of American society. Indeed, it has reached the point that it would be a lot easier to list those areas of people's lives into which government does not impose itself – and, alas, it would be a very short list. But it was not always that way.

Around a hundred years ago, say, in the first decade of the 20th century, all levels of government in the United States only taxed away and spent about 8 percent of national income, leaving 92 percent of what individuals had produced and earned in their own hands to use and spend as they thought best as free people.

Plus, there was no regular deficit spending because the federal government in Washington, D.C. annually balanced its budget; and it often even ran budget surpluses with which it paid down government debts accumulated during past "national emergencies," usually a war that had earlier needed rapid funding with borrowed money.

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Apr 162014

“There is no evidence that Jesus himself openly advocated violent actions. But he was certainly no pacifist. “Do not think that I have come to bring peace on earth. I have not come to bring peace, but the sword” (Matthew 10:34 | Luke 12:51).” ― Reza Aslan, Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth

Those living through this present age of SWAT team raids, police shootings of unarmed citizens, roadside strip searches, and invasive surveillance might feel as if these events are unprecedented. Yet while we in the United States may be experiencing a steady slide into a police state, we are neither the first nor the last nation to do so.

Although technology, politics and superpowers have changed over time, the characteristics of a police state and its reasons for being have remained the same: control, power and money. Indeed, as I point out in my book A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State, a police state extends far beyond the actions of law enforcement.  In fact, a police state “is characterized by bureaucracy, secrecy, perpetual wars, a nation of suspects, militarization, surveillance, widespread police presence, and a citizenry with little recourse against police actions.”

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Apr 142014

$6 Billion Goes Missing at State Department    Chump change.

DEA Raided This Woman’s House After She Shopped At A Garden Store    Police state.

Can You Buy A License to Speed?    If you’re rich enough.

Start saving now: Day care costs more than college in 31 states    Daycare tuition debt AND college tuition debt..

Is the US or the World Coming to an End?    It will be one or the other.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Family forced from minivan, brought to knees, held at gunpoint after museum outing    ”My 5-year-old daughter is asking ‘is grandma going to get shot?’”

Iraq: the success of Russian oilmen    ”America, this bastion of democracy, completely destroyed Iraqi statehood, annihilated its infrastructure and industry and is now attempting to interfere in the affairs of a sovereign state. Russia, by way of contrast, is attempting to help us emerge from the difficult condition which we were driven into by America.”

PATRIOTISM IS THE FIRST PLATFORM OF FOOLS    “Let’s get those dirty Commies,” goes the latest wave of war fever to sweep the US, “if we can only find them!”

China’s Carrier Killer: Threat and Theatrics    China’s DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missile (ASBM) is being touted as the greatest challenge yet to the United States’ dominance of the high seas.

Report: Most Decorated Officers Also The Most Violent    Police state.

Flashback: Evil Sickos Being Evil Sickos    How is anyone in this country still legitimately confused about why the rest of the world holds such great disdain for America and its foreign (empire-building) policies?   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Remember When Legal Marijuana Was Going To Send Crime Skyrocketing?    It hasn’t happened.

Engineering Evil: Why The 20th Century Was So Barbaric    No German who died before 1930 would have believed the Holocaust possible.

The Global Banking Game Is Rigged, and the FDIC Is Suing    Taxpayers are paying billions of dollars for a swindle pulled off by the world’s biggest banks, using a form of derivative called interest-rate swaps.

Four Horsemen – Feature Documentary – Official Version    Video #1 du jour.

Why Can’t Chuck Get His Business Off the Ground?    Video #2 du jour.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

90 LIVES SAVED    There’s hope for humans after all du jour.

A Real Corker: Message in a Bottle May Be World’s Oldest    I decided that I didn’t want to be stupid anymore du jour.

Circumcision Ethics    I wanted to be self-actualized du jour.

Jacksonville police officer rescues just-born fawn after mother struck, killed on roadway    Heroic cop du jour.

Suspended Timberlake police chief and another officer arrested today    Thieving cops du jour,

Armed settlers occupy village land in Hebron    The real terrorists du jour.

Hammerhead — Gallego Caldas Jordi

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Apr 142014

President Reagan was holding a meeting in the Cabinet Room on March 25, 1985, when Press Secretary Larry Speakes came over to me, as communications director, with a concern.

The White House was about to issue a statement on the killing of Major Arthur Nicholson, a U.S. army officer serving in East Germany. Maj. Nicholson had been shot in cold blood by a Russian soldier.

Speakes thought the president’s statement, “This violence was unjustified,” was weak. I agreed. We interrupted the president, who reread the statement, then said go ahead with it.

What lay behind this Reagan decision not to express his own and his nation’s disgust and anger at this atrocity?

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Apr 142014

The headline in the print edition of the Denver Post of an associated press story on the nomination of Janet Yellen highlights a quote from President Obama, “She understands the human cost when people can’t find a job.” This statement about then-new Fed Chair Yellen, which emphasizes Yellen’s Keynesian-based commitment to the unemployment prong of the Fed’s dual mandate, underlies why some economists feared that no matter how bad policy might have been during Bernanke’s tenure, policy is likely to get worse rather than get better from a sound money perspective during a Yellen reign. Her empathy for the unemployed was clearly present in her remarks following her first official policy meeting which as reported by the Wall Street Journal “were a notable affirmation of her commitment to low rates until the economy is much stronger.” She emphasized, “The recovery still feels like a recession to many Americans, and it also looks that way in some economic statistics.” She then chose to support her remarks not with usual econ jargon and statistics, but “Ms. Yellen instead exhibited a personal touch … by coloring her comments with experiences of three people who had struggled to gain full-time work.”

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Apr 112014

The coming Constitutional Convention contains the tipping point for revolution    The Bill of Rights could be done away with in a formal manner.

Courts OK With Enslaving You    A wedding photographer from New Mexico, was arraigned before that state’s “human rights” soviet for politely declining to provide her services to a lesbian couple.

Italy’s bishops pass Vatican-backed rule that child molestation does not have to be reported    Pedophiles are excited!

War for Dummies    Ignorant jackasses are the only statistically significant group that wants more wars.

Campaign Finance Reform is Small Change    Every dollar the US government spends serves one or both of two functions: Buying future support or rewarding past support for the politicians who spend it.

A list of known NSA spying techniques    The NSA’s powers are growing beyond the wildest nightmares of people who once warned us.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

You can have my knife when you pry it from my cold, dead hands    You wouldn’t think the country has much need for a group like Knife Rights. On the other hand, a few years ago nobody would have expected New York to ban the Big Gulp, either.

Stunning: US government calls 2% tax rate “extortion    The Land of the Free is one of the only countries on the planet that taxes its non-resident citizens on their worldwide income.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Why No One Should Still Be a Neocon    Neoconservatives take for granted that the U.S. can and should meddle in the affairs of countless nations.

The new Washington war machine    It sure seems like the MRAP will come in handy for the notorious war zone otherwise known as Washington County, Iowa.

Florida Sheriff Justifies Camera Snatching During Traffic Stop Because it Could have been Gun    Just another episode in their unceasing war against cameras.

Pakistan’s guns for hire in the Gulf    Pakistan provided security personnel to help Bahrain to the quell the 2011 sectarian protests.

Philly Artist Fights City Hall Over Eminent Domain Abuse    Video du jour.

Shelter Dog Sentenced to Death Receives Pardon and a Home    There’s hope for humans after all du jour.

Your Cat Can See Things That Are Invisible to You    I decided that I didn’t want to be stupid anymore du jour.

The Incredible Shrinking Kid    I wanted to be self-actualized du jour.

Volunteer Police Officer Matthew Knight Saves Child Pinned by School Bus    Heroic cop du jour.

Miami-Dade Police Officer Charged in Cocaine Trafficking Conspiracy    Drug dealing cop du jour.

Israeli Forces Tear Down Tents Donated to Homeless Families Near Nablus    The real terrorists du jour.

Help Me Up Mom — Cliff Berinsky

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