Oct 222014

Socialists Push For $20 Minimum Wage But Won’t Pay Workers That Much    They only want to pay them $13 an hour. The socialists are possessed by capitalist demons!

On Newsweek’s Finding that a Major US Ally Cuts Off More Heads than ISIS    The Brits also beheaded people, but seemed to look happier about it (though maybe ISIS guys are smiling under their masks).   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Poor kids who do everything right don’t do better than rich kids who do everything wrong    America is the land of opportunity, just for some more than others.

US War on Iran Takes Bizarre Turn    General Hugh’s speech was a pity party for the terrorists cult MEK.

THE REAL SECRET OF IRAQ’S GERM WEAPONS    By contrast, in the Anglo-American view, chemical and biological weapons were fine – so long as used to kill Muslim Iranians. Used against westerners, they would be denounced as “terrorism.”

State Takeover of Family Predicted in 1928    Bertrand Russell 1928: “State may be expected to assume the role of the father”

Video: Cop Arrests Subway Performer For Singing, Despite Cop Reading Aloud Rule Saying It’s Permitted    The officer evidently shows he’s one of the cops hired specifically for his low IQ.

Military Base Dependency    The people in areas where military bases are located live in a constant state of deep fear that U.S. officials could, at any time, decide to close their base, which, in the minds of the local populace, would spell economic doom to the area.

Georgia’s Ivory Tower Behavior Modification-istas    Needless to say, those who long ago relished “fighting the man” are now very much “the man.”

Beyond the Hype – The Real Threats To Americans Are…    Podcast.

Middle School Reading Lists 100 Years Ago vs. Today    Unless we give our students challenging material to dissect, process, and study, how can we expect them to break out of the current poor proficiency ratings and advance beyond a basic reading level?   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Fiat Currency Definition: Silver Dollar vs. Federal Reserve Note    Video du jour.

Body Cam Shows Cop Shooting Unaggressive Dogs with Wagging Tails    Police state du jour.

Encyclopaedia Mendaciorum    Weirdness du jour.

Saving Cadence – an abused Pit Bull shows us the power of second chances.    There’s hope for humans after all du jour.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

New Tractor Beam Can Repel And Attract    I decided that I didn’t want to be stupid anymore du jour.

THE POWER OF SIMPLICITY    I wanted to be self-actualized du jour.

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Cop saves woman’s life    Heroic cop du jour.

Birmingham police officer charged with first-degree rape in Alabaster    Pedophile rapist cop du jour.

Israeli Forces Destroy Palestinian-owned Car Wash near Bethlehem    The real terrorists du jour.

Destination — Victor Wei

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Oct 222014

He’s the heir to Richard Nixon, not Saul Alinsky.

Back in 2008, Boston University professor Andrew Bacevich wrote an article for this magazine making a conservative case for Barack Obama. While much of it was based on disgust with the warmongering and budgetary profligacy of the Republican Party under George W. Bush, which he expected to continue under 2008 Republican nominee Sen. John McCain, Bacevich thought Obama at least represented hope for ending the Iraq War and shrinking the national-security state.

I wrote a piece for the New Republic soon afterward about the Obamacon phenomenon—prominent conservatives and Republicans who were openly supporting Obama. Many saw in him a classic conservative temperament: someone who avoided lofty rhetoric, an ambitious agenda, and a Utopian vision that would conflict with human nature, real-world barriers to radical reform, and the American system of government.

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Oct 222014

The 2014 U.S. midterm elections are coming up, and I don’t intend to vote. A vote is like virginity: you don’t give it away to the first flower-bearing suitor. I haven’t been given a good reason, let alone flowers, to vote for any candidate, so I will stay home, as well I should.

This month, my wife, a Brazilian citizen, drove from Auburn, Alabama, to Atlanta, Georgia, on a Sunday morning to cast her vote for the presidential election in Brazil. She arrived at the Brazilian consulate and waited in a long line of expatriates only to be faced with a cruel choice: vote for the incumbent socialist Dilma Rousseff of the Workers’ Party, for the socialist Aécio Neves of the Brazilian Social Democracy Party who is billed as a center-right politician, for the environmentalist socialist Marina Silva of the Socialist Party, or for any of the other socialist candidates who were polling so low that they had no chance of victory. Brazil maintains a system of compulsory voting in addition to other compulsory schemes such as conscription for all males aged 18.

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Oct 202014

I was pulled aside away yesterday on some automotive emergency. So this a watch you got. So sorry.

Woman Sent To Jail For Overgrown Yard Going to jail because she was to busy to follow the nanny state city regulations.

Why India’s Muslims Haven’t Radicalized 176 million moderate Muslims?

Because This Time Is Never Different, In 100 Year Old Cartoons Absolutely nothing has changed.

When ‘Niceness’ Becomes Tyranny Liberty, which in the highest sense consists in freely choosing to restrain one’s passions in order to pursue the just course.

Shadow Facts About Shadow Government The United States’ biggest public program of the past 75 years, now outstripping the rest of the world combined, is war preparations.

4 Ways Democrats Are Full of Shit That’s all you can come up with?

4 Ways Republicans Are Full of Shit That’s all you can come up with?

Boston Cop Snatches Phone and Handcuffs Man for Recording Violent Arrest Just another episode in their unending war with the Bill of Rights.

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Oct 172014

Are You A Fascist?    Don’t be ashamed of your fascism, be proud! No one has ever done it better.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Military Blasphemy    Our churches must be demilitarized.

Billions set aside for post-Saddam Iraq turned up in Lebanese bunker    They didn’t do anything with billions of dollars?

American Foreign Policy: Still Crazy After All These Years    We had to nuke Korea in order to save Korea.

‘You Have The Right To Remain Silent.’ Or Do You?    The Bill of Rights is dead, buried and forgotten.

12 Charts That Show The Permanent Damage That Has Been Done To The U.S. Economy    As our economic fundamentals have deteriorated, our politicians have attempted to prop up our standard of living by borrowing from the future.

The QE4 Countdown Has Begun    Rinse, repeat, for round number 4 (or 5, or 6), in the process completely destroying what little is left of the middle class and making the rich, superer richer.

Here’s What 44 Countries List As The Greatest Danger In The World    Americans, and generally most European nations listed “inequality” as the world’s greatest danger.

‘Global warming scare’ declared ‘over’    It’s “past time” for the world to realize that and “stop the madness of wasting great sums of money on EPA’s imaginary threat.”

So What Does the World Bank Do Exactly?    What is it, what does it do, and why is it important for the BRICS to challenge its hegemony in the development and poverty reduction arenas?

Crony Capitalism: Taxpayers Forced to Fund Virginia Brewery    You tax dollars are going to a corporation to build the restaurant.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Liberalism — be nice to others – or else    Yet “practitioners of the politics of kindness lose little sleep over those whose suffering is the collateral damage of liberal policies, such as whites denied educational or career opportunities because of affirmative action programs.”   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

US Policy Towards Iran Played Big Role in Rise of Sunni Extremism    After the 2003 US invasion of Iraq, Tehran quietly put forward an offer for a comprehensive deal with the US. The Bush administration did not even bother to respond.

Me Is Mine, You Is Yours    Video du jour.

More drug war anal probes, this time in Tennessee    Police state du jour.

Here is today    Weirdness du jour.

Cows Play With Bouncy Ball    There’s hope for humans after all du jour.

Animal Sex: How Tree Frogs Do it    I decided that I didn’t want to be stupid anymore du jour.

How We Victimize Our Victims Over and Over Again    I wanted to be self-actualized du jour.

NYPD officers save woman from Metro North train death    Heroic cop du jour.

Española police officer on leave over DWI charge    Drunk driving cop du jour.

IOF sniper kills 13-year-old Palestinian child    The real terrorists du jour.

Fly trap — Jim Hoffman

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Oct 172014

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Oct 152014

Libertarianism Is Not Atheist, Is Not Religious    The debate on religion within libertarianism needs nothing so much as a word that both true believers and true libertarians should agree upon: Peace.

Cuba Sees a Crisis, and Sends Docs; The US Sees an Opportunity and Sends Troops    Anyone who thinks this dispatching of US military personnel to Africa is about combating a plague is living in a fantasy world.

297 Congress Members Have Earmarked $3.8 Billion for Organizations Tied to Them or Family Members    Cronyism rules the day in Washington.

Americans Face Post-Foreclosure Hell As Wages Garnished And Assets Seized    Using a legal tool known as a “deficiency judgment,” lenders can ensure that borrowers are haunted by these zombie-like debts for years.

In Soviet Russia, Pravda punches you    Fish don’t know they’re in water.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

From Pol Pot to ISIS: “Anything that flies on everything that moves”    The only thing they got in common is their relationship with the US Empire.

Criminalizing Creepy    The question isn’t whether this jerk is a hero, but whether he’s a criminal. He’s neither.

School Vouchers: The Double Tax    Education is a scapegoat for every failure and as a catch-all for every hope and expectation of society.

5 Reasons Oil Prices Are Dropping    1. The U.S. Oil Boom

Let go of grudges against Cuba, Iran    Kissinger embraced the classic American view that the United States has rights to intervene abroad that other countries do not have.

Here’s Why GOP Interventionism Is Back    The Republican flirtation with dovish noninterventionism is over. It wasn’t much of a thing.

They used to hate us because of our freedoms, but now they hate us because of our religion    Bill O’Reilly and Bill Maher agree on something. The anti-Christ is born.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner – yes she’s female, and yes she’s Muslim!    If I had been shot in the face I would probably not have found the courage to continue preaching love and kindness, education and peace.

The Science of Climate Change – A Conversation with Dr. Patrick Moore    Video du jour.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

“Keep your hands where I can see them, don’t move. You hear me? You have a license? Show me your license now. If you do something, I’ll kill you here. You understand?”    Police state du jour.

Feed the head    Weirdness du jour.

Dancing Gretel    There’s hope for humans after all du jour.

Ancient village found at Arizona’s Petrified Forest    I decided that I didn’t want to be stupid anymore du jour.

Emergentism and generationism    I wanted to be self-actualized du jour.

EC sheriff deputies save life of heroin overdose victim    Heroic cop du jour.

Former NC sheriff’s deputy pleads to drug charges    Thieving cop du jour.

Settlers torch mosque near Nablus    The real terrorists du jour.

Pair of Little bee-eaters — Rick Du Boisson

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Oct 152014

Just about a year-and-a-half ago, I wrote a post titled “It Can’t Happen To Me.” In it, I talked about the attitude I run into repeatedly, one that seems to be now as ingrained as the idea that people gotta breathe, which is that constitutional rights protect criminals. Nobody else needs them.

Because if you haven’t done anything wrong, then you’ve nothing to hide, nothing to fear.

Nevermind that non-white people have known pretty much forever that cops don’t just go after criminals. What white people believe runs this country. And white people haven’t suffered these problems of being stopped repeatedly, harassed, or killed for driving while black, kissing while black, or, increasingly, just being black, so they believe it doesn’t happen…very often.

Sure, they’ve heard of it happening, but they’ve never really borne the brunt of it. And they don’t really believe what some black people say about how bad it is. I mean, most cops are good, right? Most cops — so they say — won’t beat you at the drop of a hat, even if they stand around and do nothing while their brothers in blue beat the living shit out of people when the hat drops. Those good cops, though, will indeed not just stand there — they’ll cover for their homies when asked what happened, even if they have to lie under oath to do it.

They just won’t join in the beating. Because, they’re good cops.

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Oct 132014

Nobel Prize winner Malala told Obama U.S. drone attacks fuel terrorism    It don’t take brains to figure that one out.

Uncle Sam’s Vestigial Feudalism    The Bill of Rights is dead, buried and forgotten.

What Obama’s Ukrainian Stooges Did    He’s supporting racist nazis who are beheading their rivals.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Destroying a $30,000 Islamic State pickup truck can cost US $500,000    We can’t win for losing.

The US ranks #36 in the world for respecting property rights. Is this freedom?    United States is now rated less economically free than Jordan.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Cops, Cameras and The Thin Blue Lie    ”If you don’t want to get killed, don’t show up in front of me.” ~ Officer Dan Page

The Capitalist Cure for Terrorism    Military might alone won’t defeat Islamic State and its ilk. The U.S. needs to promote economic empowerment.

Defense Dept. to Request $30-40 Billion a Year to Fight ISIS; History Lessons    Anyone recall how the war in Iraq would pay for itself? That was the US Defense Department estimate in 2003.

The Broken State and How to Fix It    Unsustainable mountains of debt, continuous meddling by the government and Fed to “stimulate the economy,” and the US dollar’s dwindling status as the world’s reserve currency are very real threats to Americans’ standard of living.

War is for Control    Control of the most valuable, renewable resource on the planet – people.

“Something Like 100 Years” — Christopher Hitchens in 1991 at Beginning of First Gulf War on How Long U.S. War With Iraq Would Last    He was right!

Ron Paul Predicts ISIS Takeover in Iraq … in 2002    ”As bad as Hussein is, he is enemy of the Al Quaida and someone new may well be a close ally of the Islamic radicals.”

Inflation over 270 years: It is hard to feel the tornado of price erosion when you are standing in the eye of the financial storm    In the last decade, the regular cost of tuition has gone up 59 percent. Yet wages and household incomes have gone stagnant.

The Science of Climate Change – A Conversation with Dr. Patrick Moore    Video du jour.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Video of the Day – NYPD Officer Steals Brooklyn Man’s Money Then Pepper Sprays Him    Police state du jour.

Don’t turn out the light.    Weirdness du jour.

A day in the office with Rescue #8    There’s hope for humans after all du jour.

Largest study into near-death experiences discovers awareness may continue even after the brain shuts down    I decided that I didn’t want to be stupid anymore du jour.

Possible Psychology of a Matrioshka Brain    I wanted to be self-actualized du jour.

LR police officer saves young mother’s life    Heroic cop du jour.

State recommends house arrest for ex-deputy    Lying cop du jour.

Israeli settlers beat young Palestinian woman picking olives    The real terrorists du jour.

Poison colors — Pere Rubio

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Oct 132014

Fifty years ago, President Lyndon Johnson declared “War on Poverty.” It sounded great to me. I was taught at Princeton, “We’re a rich country. All we have to do is tax the rich, and then use that money to create programs that will lift the poor out of poverty.” Government created job-training programs for the strong and expanded social security for the weak.

It seemed to work. The poverty rate dropped from 17 percent to 12 percent in the programs’ first decade. Unfortunately, few people noticed that during the half-decade before the “War,” the rate dropped from 22 percent to 17 percent. Without big government, Americans were already lifting themselves out of poverty!

Johnson’s War brought further progress, but progress then stopped. It stopped because government is not good at making a distinction between needy and lazy. It taught moms not to marry the father of their kids because that would reduce their welfare benefits. Welfare invited people to be dependent. Some people started to say, “Entry-level jobs are for suckers.” Many could live almost as well without the hassle of work.

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