Apr 202015

Copyrights & Patents Have Become A Religion; All Data Will Be Ignored    What were once a limited rights, granted for the betterment of all, are now an expansive rights, benefitting only a select few.

Congress is Attempting to Reauthorize Key Patriot Act Provisions by Sneaking it Into “USA Freedom Act”    June 1, 2015 is a very important day for American civil liberties and the Constitution.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush: Corrupt Successors to the Same Old Dynasties    Indeed, all you need to know about how corrupt they are is that Wall Street would be happy with either Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush … but is desperate to stop other candidates.

Saudis Face Defeat in Yemen and Instability at Home    This is how America fights its wars, by precipitating massive humanitarian crises that help it to achieve its political objectives. If that isn’t terrorism, then what is?

The criminalization of childhood (continued)    And so the incarceral state continues to bully its way into childhood, parenthood, and family life . . .

The Orwellian police tactic that targets Black Americans for simply existing    Police forces are detaining black “suspects” for trespassing — whether or not they actually are.

Michelle Bachmann: Obama’s poor relationship with Israel will bring the return of Jesus    Thank you Republicans who getting this loony-bin elected.

Why Does The World Wage War Against The People Of Yemen?    Between March 26 and April 11 the Saudis bombed Yemen over 1,200 times.

Our Bad Friends, the Saudis    Why is the United States obligated to support the wars and wishes of its brutal, terror-funding client state?   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Want to Record The Cops? Know Your Rights    Courts across the country have held that there is a First Amendment right to openly record the police.

Cops have killed way more Americans in America than terrorists have    This database shows that US police have killed at least 5,600 people since the year 2000. That’s many more than have died in terrorist attacks on American soil.

Rand Paul was Against the Drug War Before He was for it    Paul also came under fire from libertarian activists after recently calling the rising tide of acceptance of LGBT marriage a “moral crisis” which is in need of “spiritual cleansing.”   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Man grabbed by police in Lawrence after video-recording them on a public sidewalk    This is another episode in their unending war on the Bill of Rights.

The Terror Strategist: Secret Files Reveal the Structure of Islamic State    They didn’t find a Koran anywhere.

There Is No Real Increase in Insured under Obamacare    The proportion of uninsured Americans has collapsed to the lowest level ever: 11.9 percent.

The Truth About School: Another Brick in the Wall!    Video du jour.

Newly Released Dashcam Footage Shows San Antonio Cops Suffocate Man to Death on Roadside    Police state du jour.

Bonus ducks    Weirdness du jour.

INSPIRING STORY of Mama Iris and pups Happily ever after    There’s hope for humans after all du jour.

How dogs stole our hearts    I decided that I didn’t want to be stupid anymore du jour.

How can we do the right thing?    I wanted to be self-actualized du jour.

Newburgh Heights officer in the right place at the right time, saves toddler on roof    Heroic cop du jour.

Atlanta police officer arrested for exposing himself    Massage penises cop du jour.

Three Gazans shot, injured by IOF in Khan Younis    The real terrorists du jour.

Colour! — Janine Linning

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Apr 172015

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Apr 152015

USA Today: Scott Walker’s Stadium Socialism    Stadium socialism is crony capitalism at its worst.

Fort Riley suicide bombing plot: Was an FBI sting operation necessary?    FBI thwarts another FBI terror plot.

No Matter Who Wins the White House, the New Boss Will Be the Same as the Old Boss    For the first time in history, Congress is dominated by a majority of millionaires who are, on average, fourteen times wealthier than the average American.

Cake Rape    I also have to wonder, that if a Muslim were to turn down a Christian, simply because he was an “Infidel”, what the reaction of the Right would be.

CIA Director: War On Terror Will Never End    “The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous.” ~ George Orwell

The Nasty Blowback from America’s Wars    Police brutality toward the citizenry, some of it by former soldiers who themselves were brutalized by war, has soared.

How Iran won Bush’s Iraq War    In 2003 the United States eliminated Iran’s major border threats: Iraq’s Saddam Hussein to the west and the Taliban in Afghanistan to the east.

NSA declares war on general purpose computers    NSA director Michael S Rogers says his agency wants “front doors” to all cryptography used in the USA, so that no one can have secrets it can’t spy on.

Man Gets Prison Sentence For Collecting Rainwater On His Own Property    The Bill of Rights is dead, buried and forgotten.

Cash Banned in Louisiana at Garage Sales, Flea Markets etc.    The real intent is to feed government’s insatiable hunger for tax revenues by completely stripping law-abiding citizens of financial privacy in secondhand transactions, every detail of which is fed directly into police files.

Watch: This Is What Happens Inside Your Body When You Eat Fast Food    Top Ramen is made to surprise armageddon.

The new American retirement plan equates to working forever    Social Security was never designed as the main source of income for retirees but that is what it has become.

Peace Must Be Stopped At Any Cost; Lies and Hypocrisy on Iran    Republican neocons do not trust Obama, Iran, or for that matter anything but war.

Prove You’re Not a Terrorist    Bankers on both sides of the Atlantic have forcibly become unpaid government spies.

The Next State to Legalize Marijuana Will Be…    The legal weed industry has brought 10,000 new jobs to Colorado, as well as $76 million in tax revenue last year.

5 Insane Devices for Monitoring Your Kids    Video du jour.

Woman Tasered to Death by Deputies While She was Cuffed, Shackled, and Masked    Police state du jour.

Break glass    Weirdness du jour.

Dogs Rescued from Frozen Squalor in Arkansas    There’s hope for humans after all du jour.

Llallawavis scagliai: New Terror Bird Discovered in Argentina    I decided that I didn’t want to be stupid anymore du jour.

The Anti-Pizzeria Mob Loses Its Mind    I wanted to be self-actualized du jour.

Police officer saves life of elderly woman after she drives car into water    Heroic cop du jour.

HCSO deputy accused of striking girlfriend in head with helmet, strangling her    Girl friend beater cop du jour.

Israeli bulldozers raze Palestinian building in east J’lem    The real terrorists du jour.

Illuminated — Andras Gyorosi

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Apr 132015

American Police State So Fear-Based, Man Dressed as a Stormtrooper Triggers Lockdown    One concerned citizen did their Statist duty and informed officers that some man was wearing a costume in broad daylight on a Monday afternoon in America.

Venezuela reaches the final stage of socialism: no toilet paper    How hard is it to make toilet paper?

The REAL Inspiration for the American Constitution    America has lost the separation of powers in our government.

Why Does The War On Drugs Persist?    The gangsters would profit from the total prohibition on drugs.

Strip-Mining the Upper Middle Class    2 out of 3 taxpayers pay more in payroll taxes than income taxes.

All Praise To The Iranian Nuclear Framework—–It Finally Exposes The War Party’s Big Lie    How is it possible to believe that the Iranian’s are hell-bent on a nuclear holocaust when they don’t even have a nuclear weapons program?

The Fall of the South: A Sesquicentennial Wake    Lincoln freed only those slaves over which he had no control. No doubt that was by design.

When everything is a crime    There are an estimated 4,500 federal criminal statutes — and innumerable regulations backed by criminal penalties.

What Is Murder? What Is Police Work?    It can murder, but we just don’t call it that. We call it law enforcement.

Meet Spencer, a 3-Year-Old Boy Killed because of People “Just Doing their Jobs”    All of Benno’s marijuana plants were confiscated, and he and his two son’s were arrested; for the “crime” of helping people.

Wars Are Always Short … Until They Are Fought    Sen. Tom Cotton says bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities would take several days and be nothing like Iraq War.

How the GOP Became the Israel Party    Information flows quite freely in the age of the Internet, and these Mideast realities are slowly seeping into the American consciousness.

Republicans Are Poised to Raise Spending    Multiple actions over the last month suggest that Republicans may be no more committed to spending restraint than President Obama and the Democrats.

Reasons for the Mideast’s Despair    Whether the colonial powers were only partially or fully to blame is hardly relevant because the Arab masses continue to believe that colonialism was behind the ills and suffering they endured.

What Libertarians Get Wrong About American History    American history is not an essentially libertarian story.

19 Signs That American Families Are Being Economically Destroyed    #9 After adjusting for inflation, median household income has fallen by nearly $5,000 since 2007.

The Virtue of the Free Market    Video du jour.

NYPD Cop Caught on Video Robbing Deli During Raid for Untaxed Cigarettes    Police state du jour.

Terrible property photos Weirdness du jour.

A Homeless Dog Living on the Streets Near the Los Angeles International Airport gets rescued    There’s hope for humans after all du jour.

Why Are Allergies A Thing?    I decided that I didn’t want to be stupid anymore du jour.

Essays of the Dying: Laurie Becklund    I wanted to be self-actualized du jour.

Chicago police officers save man’s life at Midway Airport    Heroic cop du jour.

Northwest Kansas police officer arrested for child sex crimes    Pedophile cop du jour.

Settlers Take Over Historic Village in Salfit    The real terrorists du jour.

Autumn in Tokyo — Luciano Mastronardi

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Apr 102015

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Apr 082015

How We Destroyed Indoor Plumbing    The Romans invented indoor plumbing. It took America in the late 20th century to uninvent it.

Saudi Dictator, Killing Hundreds of Civilians with Support from Washington, moves to Gunning Down Domestic Anti-War Protesters    5) The monarchy is a cash machine for terrorists.

Cut Corporate Welfare    It’s time to rein in crony capitalism fascism.

Who’s Afraid of Iran’s Big Bad Bomb?    The revolutionary fervor of the early Khomeini days is long past, and even Khomeini would not have dreamt of doing anything so close to national suicide.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

The Nonsense of War    The Islamic State (ISIS) beheads people, which proves that they are evil. Saudi Arabia beheads people, but they are allies of the United States.

American Cops Just Killed More People in March than the UK Did in the Entire 20th Century    This high number in March increased the average for police killings from every 8.5 hours, to nearly 1 police killing every 6.5 hours in the US.

Woman Arrested For Posting Selfie With Gun on Facebook    Zero tolerance = zero sense.

With Iran, America, It’s Time to Grow Up    Senator John McCain is a criminal fool by anyone’s definition to advocate launching a war we would certainly lose.

Imagery and Empire: Understanding the Western Fear of Arab and Muslim Terrorists    While Muslim terrorist comprised 6% of the attacks on US soil from 1980 to 2005, Jewish terrorists comprised 7% of the terrorist attacks in the US.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Why is the US so Anti-Shia?    The 9/11 attackers/plotters/funders were all Sunni.

Study: 70% of People on Antidepressants Don’t Have Depression    These individuals are likely just experiencing normal sadness and hardships that most of us experience.

Why A Christian Should Not Vote    One thing is obvious, I can tell who their loyalty is NOT with – and that’s God.

How to Survive Anything in 3 Easy Steps    I hope you don’t need this.

The politicians and the manipulated crowd    The creation of the mass mind and/or mass consciousness is the secret weapon of the ruling elite.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Purity of Soul    Do not misunderstand me. I do not mean to imply that Northerners are the world’s mother lode of preening fraud and practiced hypocrisy. I mean to state it.

4 countries that gun lovers need to know about    The plus side is that even as a tourist you can legally buy weapons in Paraguay.

History Lesson for Hypocrites, Warmongers, and Fools    Not once have these Republican deficit-hawk hypocrites said how they propose to pay for this.

The Only Truly Compliant, Submissive Citizen in a Police State Is a Dead One    Video du jour.

Cops Taser Handcuffed, Mentally Ill Man to Death. Protests Immediately Ensue    Police state du jour.

Pokemon fusion    Weirdness du jour.

Pit Bull rescue on the beach + a surprise guest star    There’s hope for humans after all du jour.

Special Relativity and the Twin Paradox    I decided that I didn’t want to be stupid anymore du jour.

Tears    I wanted to be self-actualized du jour.

Police officer saves man, kitten from house fire    Heroic cop du jour.

Brookhaven police officer arrested on arson charges    Firebug cop du jour.

VIDEO: Israel forces once again open fire at Palestinian farmers in Gaza    The real terrorists du jour.

Alquimia II — Juan Pavon

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Apr 062015

Corruption, American Style    Con men, swindlers and cheaters pay bribes. Sophisticates hire lobbyists because lobbyists get better, more lasting results while only rarely landing in the slammer.

No More “Speeding” For You!    Tomorrow, you may not be able to “speed” even if you wanted to. Because your car will not allow you to.

How to Beat Internet Trolls    17. Hit and Run. In any public forum, make a brief attack of your opponent or the opponent position and then scamper off before an answer can be fielded, or simply ignore any answer.

More Than 100 People Were Killed By Police In The Month Of March    Out of the 111 people who died during police encounters, the majority have been unarmed men of color.

Half of urban California’s water is used to water the grass    Death to all lawns!

Obama’s Dirty War on Yemen    Extrajudicial mass murder is official US policy – state terror by any standard.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Jesus Died in a Police State    Jesus Christ, an itinerant preacher and revolutionary activist, who not only died challenging the police state of his day—namely, the Roman Empire.

Declaring Independence from Israel    Every Republican presidential wannabe makes an obligatory trip to Israel to kiss Netanyahu’s ring.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

If this is what an anti-war presidency looks like to you, you’re detached from reality    This is America’s modus operandi in the Middle East: give its friends a ton of weapons and watch the weapons fall into enemy hands one way or another.

The Root of Support for the Drug War    The war on drugs is a war on individual liberty, private property, limited government, the Constitution, American taxpayers, personal responsibility, the free market, and a free society that has ruined more lives than drugs themselves.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

How to kill someone and get away with it    The police can break into your home unlawfully and shoot you dead, and nobody is at fault for that except you.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

New England Cop Harasses Guy Walking Home, Gets Schooled    The Bill of Rights is dead, buried and forgotten.

Audio Released of Cop Shooting and Killing College Student for Speaking Disrespectfully    Since the late-2013 shooting, Corporal Carter has kept his job. A court has once again just cleared him, even while they released the audio of the incident, which proves Redus was essentially shot for being sarcastic.

Indiana Nurse Charged With Felony ‘Resisting Arrest’ for Driving to Safer Area for Traffic Stop    DelRea Good said she felt afraid to stop in a dark and isolated place, and that’s not unwarranted.

Why ‘Rights Don’t Exist’ in 7 Minutes Video du jour.

SWAT Team Raids House And Kills Homeowner Because Criminal Who Burglarized The House Told Them To Police state #1 du jour.

Cop Who Admitted to Felony Child Abuse on a 4-Year-Old, Gets Promoted Weeks Later    Police state #2 du jour.

Happylander    Weirdness du jour.

Rescued Pigs See Grass for First Time    There’s hope for humans after all du jour.

Sabina, A Robot Domestic Learns When You Show Her    I decided that I didn’t want to be stupid anymore du jour.

Letting Go of Guilt    I wanted to be self-actualized du jour.

Off-duty Canton officer saves heart attack victim    Heroic cop du jour.

Vidalia police officer arrested, charged with statutory rape    Pedophile cop du jour.

Masked soldiers enter Palestinian homes in Hebron in dead of night, order residents to wake their children, and photograph the children    The real terrorists du jour.

Landing — Giangiorgio Crisponi

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Apr 032015

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Apr 012015

House Revives Bill To Completely Repeal The Patriot Act, Dismantle NSA Spying    Yeah, right!

Getting People to Love Taxes    Getting people to love having their money stolen.

Why Banksters Hate Peace    Thomas Jefferson and the father of free market capitalism, Adam Smith, both noted that the financing wars by banks led to more – and longer – wars.

Police in the US Kill Citizens at Over 70 Times the Rate of Other First-World Nations    While violence among citizens has dropped, violence against citizens carried out by police has been rising sharply.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

The American Panopticon: Why A Free Society Can’t Have Mass Surveillance    “If you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to fear.” ~ Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propagandist.

Muslims, Jews, Scientologists, African-Americans, Inmates & Neo-Nazis Carry Out False Flags    A Georgia man admitted last week that he planted a backpack with two pipe bombs in a public park near Atlanta to to frighten the public and sow fear of Islamic terrorism.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

The War Nerd: A Brief History Of The Yemen Clusterf*ck    The modernizing Arabs were all killed by the US, Britain, Israel, and the Saudis.

Texas Men Facing Life in Prison for Pot Brownies    Way to go Republicans!

Another Week, Another War: The Iron Logic of America’s Middle East Madness    The President has lined up the United States shoulder to shoulder with a wanted war criminal, al Qaeda and, of course, the world’s primary supporter of violent Islamic extremism, Saudi Arabia.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

U.S. Blames Others for its Own Crimes    ”You just don’t in the 21st century behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped up pretext.” – John Kerry on “Face the Nation” (March 2, 2014)

Why Innocent People Take Plea Bargains    Given the reality of the current injustice system, it’s not hard to believe that innocent people can get found guilty in a court of law.

Military Drill Identifying “Hostile” U.S. States Sparks Alarm    Underneath the logo for the Jade Helm drills, a sword with two arrows crossing it, it reads: “Master the Human Domain.”

Student Records Teacher Threatening Kids, Gets Suspended    So what has she learned from this? No good deed goes unpunished.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Ohio Man Arrested for Video Recording Traffic Lights    Just another episode in their unending war on our Bill of Rights.

The Biggest Threat to American Liberty    “Overgrown military establishments, which under any form of government, are inauspicious to liberty, and which are to be regarded as particularly hostile to Republican Liberty.” ~ George Washington

Could There be a Worse Time for a “Don’t Film Cops” Bill? (Nanny of the Month, March ‘15)    Video du jour.

Cop Indicted for Tasering a Teen, Leaving him in a Coma, for Asserting his Rights During Stop    Police state du jour.

One second    Weirdness du jour.

Indianapolis police officer saves cat amid interstate traffic    There’s hope for humans after all du jour.

Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Are No Match For Medieval Potion    I decided that I didn’t want to be stupid anymore du jour.

The place of religion in democratic secular countries    I wanted to be self-actualized du jour.

Caught on body cam: Officer rescues child from burning home    Heroic cop du jour.

Fresno Deputy Police Chief Keith Foster, 5 others arrested on drug charges    Drug dealing cop du jour.

Israeli forces raid Beit Jala during Palm Sunday celebrations    The real terrorists du jour.

Ghost Crab — Scott Murphy

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Apr 012015

A new tagline is unveiled here today. I said earlier that I would replace the tagline once a month, so here it is.

The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking. ~ Albert Einstein

This is from his Wiki page:

Albert Einstein (14 March 1879 – 18 April 1955) was a German-born theoretical physicist. Einstein’s work is also known for its influence on the philosophy of science. He developed the general theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics (alongside quantum mechanics). Einstein is best known in popular culture for his mass–energy equivalence formula E = mc2 (which has been dubbed “the world’s most famous equation”).

You can read more about him here.

Last month’s tagline:

Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves. ~ Henry David Thoreau

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