Nov 212014

Familiar Bedfellows    Hillary and Henry sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G-E-R!

Breakfast With A Lord Of War    The point is that the average person assumes the powers-that-be actually know what they are doing and would never lead us into disaster. That would be a very poor assumption.

Are ‘We the People’ Useful Idiots in the Digital Age?    “We the people” have gotten very good at walking freely into the slaughterhouse, all the while convincing ourselves that the prison walls enclosing us within the American police state are there for our protection.

This Crisis Was Foreseeable … Thousands of Years Ago    ”Ignorant men raise questions that wise men answered a thousand years ago.” ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Ten Police Tricks to Quash Protest Rights    When the police get really desperate and afraid, they will try to disperse the entire crowd with pepper spray, tear gas, and other chemical weapons, rubber or wooden bullets.

How the Government Steals from Citizens    From civil asset forfeiture to eminent domain, the government covets your cash and property.

Police raid home of 90-year-old Georgia woman for unsanctioned gambling    No society based on freedom would ban consenting adults from playing games and exchanging money.

Milford 5th-grader suspended for pointing imaginary gun    No tolerance = no sense.

Obama’s Plan for a Backdoor Internet Tax    The tax, which could total over $7 per month on the typical American’s broadband bill.

Is There A “Back Door” Method For The Government To Pay Down The Federal Debt Using Private Savings?    4) Using “Financial Repression”, a process that is complex enough that the average voter never understands how it works.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

The United States of Vehicle Theft    Georgia’s car thieves want Honda Accords.

The Military-Industrial Candidate    Hillary Clinton prepares to launch the most formidable hawkish presidential campaign in a generation.

Control Freaks Still Targeting Tobacco    Control freaks want to run your life.

Zero Common Sense    Video du jour.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Cop to Other Cops: No Such Thing As Excessive Force    Police state #1 du jour.

Ohio police allegedly kill mentally ill woman by slamming head on sidewalk    Police state #2 du jour.

Flame Painter    Weirdness du jour.

Heroic River Boarder Rescues Drowning Squirrel    There’s hope for humans after all du jour.

Spice up your memory: Just one gram of turmeric a day could boost memory    I decided that I didn’t want to be stupid anymore du jour.

Catcalling    I wanted to be self-actualized du jour.

Police officer saves blind man from fire    Heroic cop du jour.

Houston police officer accused of sexually assaulting 15-year-old    Pedophile cop du jour.

Palestinians prevent settlers from setting fire to a home    The real terrorists du jour.

Eagle Owl — Ron Coulter

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Nov 212014

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Nov 192014

Antioch man wants truce in self-defense shooting    Home invader RIP.

21-year-old Sues Parents for College Tuition… and Wins!    I bet his parents wished he was aborted.

2nd Grader’s Homework Teaches ‘The Government GIVES Us Our Rights’    The only thing this sheet didn’t say was “Obey. Consume. Sleep.”

The Bases of War in the Middle East    In the Persian Gulf alone, the U.S. has major bases in every country save Iran.

West’s Propaganda War on Syria Exposed Again    ”Heroic young boy runs through sniper fire in Syria” is a fake.

American Christians Erect an Idol    Is what the troops are doing, including assassinating, shooting, and bombing people in Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere contradicting the laws of God?   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

30 Years Later, America Truly Is Becoming A ‘1984’ Society    Even though we are not in prison, we are being systematically trained to act as if we were.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Feds Indict Another Person For Teaching People How To Beat Polygraph Tests    The Bill of Rights is dead, buried and forgotten.

80-Year-Old Army Vet and Cancer Survivor, Mercilessly Beaten By Police Who “Feared For Their Lives”    The claim that Swan went for an officers gun should ring alarm bells, as this is often a claim officers make after beating someone in an attempt justify their use of force.

Max Boot’s Newest Plan for Iraq    ”Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” ~ Albert Einstein

The Worst Act of Terrorism in San Francisco History    For the next 22 years, Thomas Mooney and his assistant, Warren Billings — both innocent men — sat rotting in prison.

What If Silicon Valley Moved to Puerto Rico?    Puerto Rico eliminated taxation on dividends, interest, and capital gains as well as reduced corporate taxes to just 4%.

This Rap Album May Send a Man to Prison for Life    Violent art does not imply violent intent. Black men can write violent lyrics and still lead honest lives.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

The House I Live In (Drug War Documentary) Clip – Systematic Destruction of People    Video du jour.

Despite Compelling Video, Violent Past, And Multiple Lawsuits, Dept Stands Behind this “Decorated” Cop    Police state du jour.

Loading…    Weirdness du jour.

Puppy Mill Dog experiences a bed for the first time in her life    There’s hope for humans after all du jour.

43 Facts About Your Brain That Will Blow Your Mind    I decided that I didn’t want to be stupid anymore du jour.

Concentricity    I wanted to be self-actualized du jour.

Juneau police officer’s airport CPR saves man, 81, with no pulse    Heroic cop du jour.

Phoenix police officer arrested in Sedona for assault    Girlfriend beater cop du jour.

70 Israeli settlers attack school in Nablus    The real terrorists du jour.

Blue Heart — Rosario Portella

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Nov 192014

How do you like the Journal’s war?”

So boasted the headline of William Randolph Hearst’s New York flagship that week in 1898 that the United States declared war on Spain.

While Hearst’s Journal, in a circulation battle with Joe Pulitzer’s World, was a warmongering sheet, it did not start the war.

Yet the headline comes to mind reading the Wall Street Journal, whose editorial pages seem to have concluded that on Nov. 4 America voted for new wars in the Middle East, and beyond.

On Nov. 13, the Journal’s op-ed page was given over to Mark Dubowitz and Reuel Marc Gerecht of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. Assuming nuclear talks with Iran conclude unsuccessfully by the Nov. 24 deadline, they write, we have four options.

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Nov 172014

Police now to come knocking after funerals in search of guns    The Bill of Rights is dead, buried and forgotten.

Inequality Now at Lord and Serf Level    The 85 richest people have as much money as the 3.5 billion poorest people (that’s half of the entire world population).

The Neocon Plan for War and More War    The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria arose not from Obama’s timidity but from the neocon-inspired invasion of Iraq last decade.

School Defends Drill That Had Police Busting Into a Classroom With Weapons Drawn, Terrifying Students and Parents    It’s for the children (to scare them).

A Conservative Republican Senator Calls for More Government Action    The welfare system is the solution to welfare.

Video Allegedly Shows Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson Arresting Man For Filming    Just another episode in their unending war on the Bill of Rights.

5 things that used to be free (but aren’t anymore)    More restaurants, particularly those serving Mexican food, are no longer offering chips and salsa for free, while others are also charging extra for water.

Why the Congressional Elections Won’t Change Anything    The promises that many candidates of this “Conservative Revolution” in 1994 made to their voters were, however, quickly broken and a business-as-usual attitude was embraced by the incoming congressmen.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Your “Children Will Be Fined” If You Fail To Sign Up For Obamacare: People Are Going To Be In for A Shock    Free and affordable health care just gets better and better.

Assholes are Assholes    Dividing the world into “teams” is the basis of every form of collectivism.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

The Oil Weapon in America’s Hands    As the oil weapon was used by us against Imperial Japan and by the Saudis against us, we are now wielding this sword.

Scientists reverse ageing process in mice; early human trials showing ‘promising results’    Please hurry!!!

Businesses Moving Too Quickly to Robots? Will 1 in 3 Jobs Vanish by 2025?    Luddites were right?

The Real Reason For Cheap Oil and Gas    Video du jour.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

I-40 Search Raises New ‘Policing For Profit’ Questions    Police state du jour.

Secret technology    Weirdness du jour.

A Burrowing Owl is Rehabilitated and Released    There’s hope for humans after all du jour.

Slideshow: The best of this week’s comet pictures    I decided that I didn’t want to be stupid anymore du jour.

An official guide for demon hunters: helpful advice from philosophers and witch-hunters    I wanted to be self-actualized du jour.

Quick action from Centerville police officer saves 1-year-old’s life    Heroic cop du jour.

Rocky Ford officer arrested in October shooting death    Murderous cop du jour.

Armed Israeli settlers raid Ramallah village, injure 4 Palestinians    The real terrorists du jour.

Autumn sky — Petar Boskovski

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Nov 172014

Years ago, an elderly, frail Japanese martial arts master once boasted a 200-0 record against his opponents.

He claimed to have a unique power that allowed him to inflict serious injury on people without actually laying a finger on them.

Was it Chi? Magic? None of the above. It was a total scam. But that didn’t matter.

You see, the legend of the master’s powers turned out to be far more powerful than reality.

His core following of students believed in the master so much that they would fling themselves across the dojo whenever he raised his pinky finger.

And anyone who saw the display would become transfixed by the perception of the mater’s extraordinary abilities. It was an incredible case of mass delusion.

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Nov 142014

Police Chief Backs Facebook Page Comparing Police Accountability Activists To ISIS Terrorists    If standing up to police brutality and abuse of power is seen as “terrorism” in the eyes of the police, then what do you think that means they are willing to do to activists?

Russia To Build As Many As Eight Nuclear Power Plants For Iran    At first Washington was leery of Russia’s plan to equip Iran with nuclear power plants, but changed its mind, given the IAEA’s approval of the program.

You Won’t Believe How Many People Are Killed by the Police Every Year    The cops been trained to be killers, and they’ve been taught to treat all citizens with suspicion.

When Henry Kissinger Makes Sense    Kissinger argued that the West – with its strategy of pulling Ukraine into the orbit of the European Union – was responsible for the crisis by failing to understand Russian sensitivity over Ukraine.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Fully-Insured Woman Faces Bankruptcy After Being Taken to Wrong Hospital    She also negotiated with the hospital to cut the remainder by 90 percent. Talk about over-charging!!

Institutionalized Israeli State Terror    Brutalizing Palestinians mercilessly. Murdering them in cold blood. The Israeli way.

FBI Report: Americans Less Violent than Ever, Except for Police    According to the FBI’s annual Uniform Crime Report, 461 felony suspects were shot by police last year, which is the highest number seen in decades.

A Russian Plane Zaps U.S. Warship’s Missile Defense System    This story got no play in American media.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

What Could Go Wrong? About Everything With Iraq War 3.0    Unlike the U.S., the Islamic State has a coherent strategy and it has the initiative.

The Most Valuable Cash Crop    Infographic.

Washington’s Phony Defense “Cuts”: How The Warfare State Keeps Expanding    Defense spending has almost doubled in the past decade in current dollar terms and will continue to grow in spite of automatic cuts.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

IRS Seizes Innocent Grandma’s Bank Account    Video du jour.

Officials Attempt to Stop Wounded Warriors from Surfing on Veteran’s Day- Over Facebook Post    Police state du jour.

Blue Ball Machine    Weirdness du jour.

Out of the Darkness    There’s hope for humans after all du jour.

The Cyrus Cylinder and the ancient proclamation of human rights    I decided that I didn’t want to be stupid anymore du jour.

Factions & Fallacies    I wanted to be self-actualized du jour.

Fast-thinking officer saves Ardrey Kell student    Heroic cop du jour.

Greensboro police officer faces child porn charge    Pedophile cop du jour.

Settlers Burn A Mosque Near Ramallah    The real terrorists du jour.

Stag in the morning light — Harry Tsappas

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Nov 142014

Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon has officially banned Palestinians from traveling on Israeli-run public transportation in the West Bank, according to anew report by Haaretz, Israel’s most prominent newspaper.

The new apartheid law dictates that Palestinians cannot take buses that go from central Israel to the West Bank. They must go out of their way, to the Eyal Crossing, near the city Qalqilyah, “far from populated settler areas.”

It is already difficult for Palestinians to enter Israel. Palestinian workers traveling into central Israel for their jobs have to go through high-security, militarized check points. Those who are allowed to cross are not allowed to sleep in Israel. Unemployment and poverty are high in the West Bank because of the 47-year Israeli military occupation. Palestinians seek employment opportunities in Israel, often in low-paid, dangerous work such as construction. Because of the checkpoints and Israeli militarized security apparatus, it takes Palestinians a long time to travel into Israel (if they are even able to do so at all). This new decision will increase their already inordinately large commute times even more.

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Nov 142014

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Nov 122014

Virus that ‘makes humans more stupid’ discovered    Now we know why people keep turning to government, even though its failures are repeated throughout history.

Another Military Holiday    Another holiday to worship at the alter of all things military.

Samsung ‘Smart TV’ Records “Personal” Conversations & Sends Them to Third Parties    Privacy is so last century.

Why the US Postal Service Turned Spy    If you want privacy – of any type – you won’t find it in the US.

How Much Do Taxpayers Pay For Police Misconduct?    Hundreds of millions of dollars.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

If Everything Is Just Fine, Why Are So Many Really Smart People Forecasting Economic Disaster?    Millions of Americans that are willingly blind to our problems are going to have their lives absolutely destroyed when they get blindsided by the coming crisis.

Jon Stewart, Jester for the Warfare State    Stewart really wants young people, otherwise known as his audience, to obey the orders of the nation state.

Republicans Take Senate, Likely To Push For More War — War That Will Never End    ”The war is not meant to be won. It is meant to be continuous.” ~ George Orwell

How San Francisco’s Progressive Policies Are Hurting the Poor    San Francisco now has one of the nation’s most expensive markets, with median home prices at $1 million.

The System Is Terminally Broken    The Fed has formally “ended” QE, but it hasn’t really.

ISIS is America’s Dream Rebel Army    ISIS is a massive mercenary army trained and funded abroad by the US with its support laundered via Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, and Turkey.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Obamacare Architect States That The Law Was Only Passed Due To “The Lack of Transparency” and The “Stupidity of the American Voter”    He got that one right!

Petro Dollar = ISIS Dollar, Saudi Arabia, Sunni Salafist Wahhabism and US Foreign Policy – Connect the Dots    In fact, many western elites admire the ability of tyrants like the House of Saud and Islam to control populations while guarantying that the people never revolt for liberty.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

The Economics of the Police State    Video #1 du jour.

The Truth About Veteran’s Day    Video #2 du jour.

Woman: Officer Beat My Face In After Receiving ‘Yelling’ Call    Police state du jour.

Hot-Dog Legs    Weirdness du jour.

1st Day of Rehabilitation for Bernard Rescued From Hoarding    There’s hope for humans after all du jour.

Planet Mercury: Facts About the Planet Closest to the Sun    I decided that I didn’t want to be stupid anymore du jour.

Why not Stoicism?    I wanted to be self-actualized du jour.

Police officer saves man from burning car    Heroic cop du jour.

Cleveland Officers suspended, accused of thefts from local store    Thieving cops du jour.

Israeli Attacks on Fishermen in the Gaza Sea    The real terrorists du jour.

Ant — Shu-Shin Chin

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