May 252015

FBI Confirms No Major Terrorism Cases Cracked via Unconstitutional Patriot Act Phone Spying    The conclusion that Section 215 of the Patriot Act hasn’t stopped any terror attacks naturally won’t stop FBI director (and others) from fear-mongering.

Newly-Declassified U.S. Government Documents: The West Supported the Creation of ISIS    The powers supporting the Syrian opposition – the West, our Gulf allies, and Turkey wanted an Islamic caliphate in order to challenge Syrian president Assad.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Municipalities ticket for trees and toys, as traffic revenue declines    The couple were given a 30-day deadline to, among other things, add screens and curtains to the windows; remove a dead branch from a tree out back; replace a missing shingle; use weedkiller; finish repairing the garage; install a rear screen door.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Pity the Poor Stormtroopers: Baby Bou-Bou Ambushed Them    The act of sleeping in a room about to be breached by a SWAT team constituted “criminal” conduct on the part of the infant.

The “Focus Room” Horror    If they treated my child this way I would kill them.

How George W. Bush and Dick Cheney brought torture to America    Once Bush, the leader of the Republican Party, embraced torture as affirmatively good policy, the rest of the conservative ideological apparatus swung into place behind him.

Troops who report sexual assault face retaliation    Lt. Col. Teresa James case was investigated, and a special National Guard office substantiated her allegations, but no charges were brought against the colonel who she says attacked her.

FBI Says Racist Organizations Have Been Infiltrating Police Departments For Years    In Texas, a sheriff department found that two of their deputies not only were in the Klan, but were actually prominent recruiters for the hate group.

Charges Dropped Against Cop Caught Having Sex With Cows    Only months later, a jury found Melia and Lewis guilty of six counts of first-degree aggravated sexual assault, sexual contact and endangering the welfare of a child.

In a Police State, People are Punished for Criticizing the Police    It’s pure political speech that led to his arrest…. This goes back to colonial days when people got arrested for criticizing the king.

America Was Once Exceptional    When conservatives call America exceptional, they are engaging in wishful thinking, delusionary visions, or nostalgic dreaming.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Banks fined over $5 billion for criminal activity, did you get any of it?    It’s unlikely that anybody is going to go to jail, or that any individual will be held accountable—except for potentially a token scapegoat.

Ramadi and America’s Fracturing of Iraq    The fall of Ramadi has provided ammunition to opponents of Obama whose central argument – if such insanity can be believed – remains that the US should wage further war in Iraq.

KSU Advisor Suspended For Accusing Student Of Harassment In Recorded Video    Video du jour.

Cop Resigns After Body Cam Shows Him Pepper-Spray & Taser a Man for Having a Medical Emergency    Police state du jour.

Liquid Nonsense    Weirdness du jour.

A Homeless Dog Living on the Streets Near the Los Angeles International Airport gets rescued    There’s hope for humans after all du jour.

First Warm-Blooded Fish Discovered    I decided that I didn’t want to be stupid anymore du jour.

Doesn’t Matter, Warm Fuzzies    I wanted to be self-actualized du jour.

Police officer saves life in Elm Street restaurant    Heroic cop du jour.

Coworkers turn in deputy in teen sex case    Pedophile cop du jour.

Israeli forces open fire on fishermen, farmers in Gaza    The real terrorists du jour.

Owl Head — Dale Wordley

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May 222015

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May 202015

Tased Motorist to CBP Agent: ‘What the Fuck Is Wrong With You?’    We didn’t love freedom enough. ~ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

1921: Black Business District in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Attacked, Aerially Bombed and Razed, Victims Dumped in Mass Graves    4,000 black men, women, and children arrested and placed in concentration camps, where they are required to carry ‘passes’.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

This is How a Sellout Politician Votes    This leads to my point about Rand: He is an establishment man, who can not be trusted to vote on any issue in a libertarian, or even free market manner.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Losing the American Republic    Constitutions are weakened or set aside, legislatures become rubber stamps, courts pervert the law and the media becomes a tool.

Making the World Less Safe    The handling of Russia, China and Iran all exemplify the essential dysfunction in American foreign policy.

Mom Arrested, Shackled, Jailed Because Her Honor Roll Son Had 3 Unexcused Absences at School    This is what public education looks like in a police state.

Obama Promises U.S. Military will Defend Rich Arab Dictatorships    The six countries represented at the meeting, Saudi Arabia; Kuwait; Bahrain; Qatar; Oman; and the United Arab Emirates, seem to have no problems dealing with what they perceive as internal threats.

The Patriot Act is now USA Freedom Act    The USA Freedom Act extends many parts of the 2001 USA Patriot Act, which expires June 1.

About Those U.S. Troops Who Died in Ramadi    The thousands of U.S. soldiers who died in Ramadi and the rest of Iraq died for nothing, just like those 58,000 plus U.S. soldiers who died in the Vietnam War.

Saudi woman gets revenge on husband with $100,000 traffic fines    A Saudi Arabian woman angered by her husband’s decision to take a second wife has exacted her revenge by raking up $100,000 in deliberate fines on his wedding night.

How to Take Over a Small Country in 10 Easy Steps    After a three-century hiatus, sensible people are once again realizing that renting an army is cheaper than owning one.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

The Real Iraq War Test    The madness driving the argument for “preventive” war was the belief that if the U.S. did not strike at Iraq first that Iraq would sooner or later strike the U.S.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Huckabee’s Support for Higher Taxes and More Spending    Huckabee’s scores on Cato’s Fiscal Policy Report Card show his growing embrace of big government.

Gun Laws Are as Old as Gun Ownership    Guns were more heavily regulated in our country’s first 300 years than in the last thirty years.

What street harassment ACTUALLY looks like    Video du jour.

Cop Escapes Charges After Shooting an Unarmed Man With His Hands Up on Video    Police state du jour.

Metric Birthday    Weirdness du jour.

Happiest Video EVER!    There’s hope for humans after all du jour.

Could We Live On Jupiter?    I decided that I didn’t want to be stupid anymore du jour.

Moral Duties to Flawed Gods    I wanted to be self-actualized du jour.

N.J. police officer saves life of man in cardiac arrest    Heroic cop du jour.

Honolulu police officer, 41, arrested for alleged sex assault    Rapist cop du jour.

Israeli soldiers stalk 5-year old, spraying sewage-smelling water at him until he falls    The real terrorists du jour.

Sunset in the Monument Valley — Ralph Lisak

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May 182015

How the IRS seized a man’s life savings without ever charging him with a crime    ”It took me 13 years to save that much money, and 13 seconds for the government to take it away.”

‘We the People’ Need to Circle the Wagons: The Government Is on the Warpath    We’ve been so brainwashed and indoctrinated into believing that the government is actually looking out for our best interests, when in fact the only compelling interesting driving government programs is maintain power and control by taking away our money and control.

CONFIRMED: US “Operation Rooms” Backing Al Qaeda in Syria    In reality, as far back as 2007, it was the admitted policy of the then Bush-led White House to begin arming and funding sectarian extremists, including Al Qaeda, through the use of intermediaries including Saudi Arabia.

Why Is That Cop’s Finger in Your Butt?    The Bill of Rights is dead, buried and forgotten.

Pamela Geller’s Free-Speech Hypocrisy    “You’re looking to restrict my speech,” shot back Geller, who has spent the last 10 years trying to shut down places of worship and keep al-Jazeera off the air.

How on earth do they survive in that ‘hell called Gaza’?    For all my life we just witnessed lots of suffering, hurt and distresses. We love PEACE and we just dream of leading a decent life!”

The Rise of the “African-American Police State”    Nowadays, the broader American public participates in modern day lynchings by sharing videos that go viral of police officers slaying Black men, women and children.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Israeli Government Most Racist, Extremist in History    Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan: deputy defense minister; called Palestinians “animals, said “Jews always have higher souls than goyim, even if they’re gay.”   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Top 7 Reasons Why John Bolton Should Never Be President    2. He is an interventionist war-monger.

Monsanto knew 35 years ago that its glyphosate-soaked ‘food’ causes cancer    Both Monsanto and the EPA knew full well, at least as early as 1981, that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup herbicide, causes cancer in mammals.

The Never-Ending ISIS Fraud    ISIS is very active in savagely attacking states, like that of Bashar Assad’s Syria, and other groups, like the Houthis in Yemen, that are in the target sights of Washington and Riyadh.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Two Major Psy Ops Documents You Must Read    It is crucial to consider that our nation is not a democracy, but as it was socially engineered from a republic to a so-called “democracy,” the normal state of a “democracy” is shown to be an oligarchy.

Corporate Gods: “Obama, remember why we hired you; ram the TPP through”    Senator Rand Paul just went into the room. He said he couldn’t disclose what was in the treaty. Why not?

Handcuffs, Leg Shackles and Tasers: The New Face of Punishment in the Public Schools    Video #1 du jour.

Black Man Vs. White Man Carrying AR-15 Legally    Video #2 du jour.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Heartbreaking Video Shows Active Duty Soldier Slowly Die as Riot Police Needlessly Assault Him    Police state du jour.

Virtual Stapler    Weirdness du jour.

Korean Beagle Rescue – April 14, 2015    There’s hope for humans after all du jour.

The Science Behind Heartbreak    I decided that I didn’t want to be stupid anymore du jour.

Platonic Errors    I wanted to be self-actualized du jour.

Officer saves teen from getting hit by train    Heroic cop du jour.

Athens Clarke Co. officer arrested for molesting a child    Pedophile cop du jour.

Civil Administration confiscates 12 solar panels from the Khan al-Ahmar community close to Ma’ale Adumim    The real terrorists du jour.

FEED ME!!!! — L.J. Leonard

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May 152015

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May 132015

DEA to traveler: Thanks, I’ll take that cash    An incident some might argue is still theft, just with the government’s blessing.

In a Cop Culture, the Bill of Rights Doesn’t Amount to Much    LEOBoRs—written by police unions which provides police officers accused of a crime with special due process rights and privileges not afforded to the average citizen.

The Right to Own and Bear Switchblades    What about the right to own and bear knives?

New Police Radars Are Being Used To ‘See’ Inside Homes    The judge rightly warned that “the government’s warrantless use of such a powerful tool to search inside homes poses grave Fourth Amendment questions.”

Judge Throws Out Lawsuit From Redditor Who Found An FBI Tracking Device On His Car    The Bill of Rights is dead, buried and forgotten.

Town Secretly Installs Hidden “Cactus Cameras” on Roadways    When the town manager was asked about the secrecy, he claimed that they were planning to announce the presence of these cameras after they had all been installed.

The Average Age Of A Minimum Wage Worker In America Is 36    We have developed a business culture in this country which does not care about workers.

Which American System is Exceptional?    That’s right — no immigration controls, except for a cursory tuberculosis inspection at Ellis Island. That’s what I call exceptional!   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Police Wouldn’t Do It, So Kidnap Victim’s Family Kicked Down Door and Killed Abductor    Good!!

“Government Wants to Control Your Car” and Prevent You From ‘Tinkering’ Under DMCA Copyright    Think you own your car? Think again.

The Right to Bear Virtual Arms    A few days after the plans for the Liberator were put online, the State Department ordered Mr. Wilson to remove them, threatening him with jail time and million-dollar fines for having possibly broken rules that govern the export of military data.

The Iceman Cometh?    A couple degrees warmer, with more carbon dioxide in the air, would be good for humanity and planet. But a couple degrees colder would bring serious adverse consequences for habitats, wildlife, agriculture and humanity.

Republican Presidential Candidates Are Scaring Me    Mike Huckabee, of course, is a minister as well as a politician, so he is used to speaking with forked tongue.

America’s Achilles’ Heel    How many more countries will the US manage to destroy before the reality of its inevitable defeat and disintegration finally catches up with it?   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Onward, Christian Soldiers    Convert or be put to death. Very Christ-like.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

What Happened to the ‘Peace Officer’?    Video #1 du jour.

Turning America into a Battlefield: A Blueprint for Locking Down the Nation    Video #2 du jour.

Video Shows Deputy Smash Autistic Man’s Skull into the Ground, Killing Him for Joking Around    Police state du jour.

Never nowhere    Weirdness du jour.

74 LIVES SAVED START rescue Transport    There’s hope for humans after all du jour.

Saurornitholestes sullivani: New Dinosaur Discovered in New Mexico    I decided that I didn’t want to be stupid anymore du jour.

Weaponized Sacredness    I wanted to be self-actualized du jour.

Okeechobee police officer saves choking infant    Heroic cop du jour.

Former Lee police chief robbed Christmas toy fund for needy children and second police charity for nearly $200,000    Thieving top cop du jour.

Settlers uproot 300 olive trees in southern al-Khalil    The real terrorists du jour.

Two Birds — Dana -Doherty

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May 082015

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May 062015

TPP: The “Fascism” Issue    It is really an emerging, and distinctively fascistic, world government.

The Questions People Asked Advice Columnists in the 1690s    Q: Is it proper for women to be learned?

Netanyahu on the Couch    It engendered in him a very dark world view: the conviction that Jews will always be persecuted, that all Goyim (non-Jews) hate the Jews.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Sharpton’s Progressivism is Authoritarian Nationalism    Sharpton’s proposed remedy shows the mainstream left’s true colors, rooted in the nationalistic, essentially fascist politics of the Progressive Era.

Justice Alito Asks Whether Non-Romantic Couples Should Have the Right to Marry: Absurd Question?    Why not allow Platonic couples to marry?

Why I Gave Up a $95,000 Job to Move to an Island and Scoop Ice Cream    Goddamn you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Endangered Species: The Self-Employed Middle Class    This raises an interesting question: how many self-employed people in the U.S. actually earn a middle class income?

Proud to Be a Republican?    The Republican Party is the party of the welfare state.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Feds Tackle Times Square Billboards    Turning Broadway and Seventh Avenue into part of the federal highway system is a great example of how the federal government grows until it takes over things, such as city streets.

The Real War on the Middle Class    These politicians also disregard the harm US foreign policy inflicts on Americans.

Why the U.S. “war on terra” is a fraud    The record shows that this OCO killing machine ran amok for almost 15 years against whole swathes of the planet and had absolutely zero effect in containing terrorism.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Big Pharma will never solve the world’s health problems because it makes too much money off disease    After all, where would Big Pharma be financially if it developed real cures for sick patients who would naturally no longer need pharmaceuticals once they’re healed?

American Politics: A House of Mirrors    So Americans may think they are voting for Hillary Clinton in 2016, but they might as well have voted for another Bush.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

The Maersk Tigris Incident    Will another Gulf of Tonkin type incident provide the spark that sets the Middle East ablaze?

The Truth About Freddie Gray    Video du jour.

Video Captures Cops Using Suspect as Training Dummy for MMA Moves, Snap his Arm in Two    Police state du jour.

Pi sung    Weirdness du jour.

A New Life for Zoey, the 3-Legged Dog    There’s hope for humans after all du jour.

The Neuroscience Reason We Fall Over When Drunk    I decided that I didn’t want to be stupid anymore du jour.

Free Will Explored    I wanted to be self-actualized du jour.

Buffalo officer rescues three from burning Riverside home    Heroic cop du jour.

Ex-Connellsville police officer charged with sex with minor    Pedophile cop du jour.

Settlers damage Palestinian water pipes in Hebron’s Old City    The real terrorists du jour.

House fly — Sebastian Sauce Janicki

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May 042015

How a Business Owner Becomes Criminally Liable for How Customers Spend ATM Withdrawals    When is an ATM an “interstate commerce facility”?

Who’s Crazy Now? American Psychological Association Supported Torture “At Every Critical Juncture”    Like Nazi and Soviet psychologists, these quack American psychologists have lent their hand to tyranny.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

America’s Police Will Fight the Next Riot With These Stink Bombs    There is no more complete way to dehumanize someone than to make that human repulsive to herself.

Why The US Is Arming Al-Qaida In Yemen    On March 17, U.S. officials confirmed to the Washington Post that an estimated $500 million worth of military equipment had vanished in Yemen.

The drug war marches on    These Republicans. All about federalism (“states’ rights”) and small government, except when a state votes to let people ingest a plant.

The War on Cash Escalates: The Goal Is to Force You to Deposit Cash and Charge You Interest    Willem Buiter, the chief economist at CitiBank, thinks he’s got the answer to this banker’s quandary. Simply abolish cash. Or tax it punitively.

Why Did We Invade Iraq?    But the more interesting and still unsettled question is: If the case for war was so shoddy, which indeed it was, why was the US government so intent on making it?   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

The American Century Is Over    Someday American politicians will recognize that the world isn’t asking for their leadership.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

America’s Expensive “Nobility”    The big money is on Wall Street and in Northern Virginia. That’s where the zombies wear suits.

Cops: We Need Rights More Than You, Citizen    Many cops are experts at interrogation. They don’t want any of that for themselves, though.

Cops Visit Parents After Boy, 4, Takes Off Clothes and Runs Outside    Cops promise “further action” if it happens again.

Who Pays When The DEA Destroys Your Vehicle And Kills Your Employee During A Botched Sting? Hint: Not The DEA    In the end, it’s the crime-fighting ends that justify the means — even if the means include destroying half of a businessman’s fleet of vehicles and turning him into a potential drug cartel target.

What to Say When the Police Tell You to Stop Filming Them    Photography is a form of power, and people are loath to give up power, including police officers.

24 Important Scientific Discoveries That Happened by Accident    2. In 1907, Belgian chemist Leo Baekeland was trying to find a replacement for shellac—that’s an expensive resin secreted by a South Asian beetle—when instead he produced the world’s first plastic.

IRS Seizes $107,000 From Innocent Small Business, Despite Recent Policy Changes    Video du jour.   A God Zilla’s Pick!!!

Atlanta Cops Kill Woman, Say She Fired on them While Handcuffed in Back of Patrol Car    Police state du jour.

100 things    Weirdness du jour.

Epic Mojave Desert Dog Rescue Mission – A MUST SEE    There’s hope for humans after all du jour.

The weird ways fire behaves in space (w/ Video)    I decided that I didn’t want to be stupid anymore du jour.

The Joy of Lying    I wanted to be self-actualized du jour.

Deputies save life of Highland Township man suffering from heroin overdose    Heroic cop du jour.

OC Sheriff’s Deputy Accused Of Fraudulently Obtaining Prescription Pain Killers    Junkie cop du jour.

40 settlers storm archeological village west Salfit    The real terrorists du jour.

Heaven is a place on Earth — Mario Spalla

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May 012015

A new tagline is unveiled here today. I said earlier that I would replace the tagline once a month, so here it is.

Before, we had ‘crimes’ that oppressed us; Now, we have ‘laws’ that oppress us. ~ Caius Cornelius Tacitus

This is from his Wiki page:

Publius (or Gaius) Cornelius Tacitus (c. AD 56 – after 117) was a senator and a historian of the Roman Empire. Tacitus is considered to be one of the greatest Roman historians. He lived in what has been called the Silver Age of Latin literature. He is known for the brevity and compactness of his Latin prose, as well as for his penetrating insights into the psychology of power politics.

You can read more about him here.

Last month’s tagline:

The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking. ~ Albert Einstein

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